A new coffee shop in Hyde Park is giving away free donuts on Thursday

No, you haven’t read that wrong

Do you need free donuts to get you through the week and into the weekend? What kind of question is that – of course you do.

Dukes Donuts & Coffee is a new shop opening on Cardigan Road this month serving speciality coffee, desserts and vegan ice cream.

That's right, for all you animal-loving, non-meat eating, dairy-shunning students that live in a city surrounded by battered sausages and cheesy chips – your time has come. Vegan ice cream. In all Hyde Park glory.

At their opening this Thursday, Dukes will be giving away free donuts between 12pm-2pm and 8pm-10pm, as well as loads more prizes on their social media.

Visit their Facebook and Instagram to find out more, and make sure you get yourself down to Cardigan Road this week to get your free donuts.