Here’s why Kpop should be a permanent part of the Leeds club scene

It’s not just Gangnam Style

Kpop is here to steal your girl, so you better pay attention to the latest global phenomenon from East Asia that's taking the tired Leeds night out by storm.

The world's most popular Kpop group, BTS, achieved two number one albums in the US last year and sold out both of their shows at London's O2 arena in minutes.

Broke: Spoons (again).

Woke: Kpop with puffer jackets.

We've been to Kpop club nights at both Warehouse and Hifi, here are all the reasons why we know it will spice up the Leeds club scene:

It's all the rooms at Fruity blended into one

Kpop is more than one genre of music – the only similarity between some Kpop groups is that they sing in Korean. Some artists are heavily influenced by hip hop and R&B, others by EDM, rock and of course classic cheesy pop music. Imagine a Fruity where you don't have to lose your friends between the rooms.

The chance to meet new people

Kpop has an incredibly diverse fanbase – probably one of the most diverse of any genre of music. This doesn't just include international students but those born in the UK from many different races and backgrounds. Attending a club night like this means that when you're chatting shit in the smoking area or complimenting a stranger in the toilets, you'll likely get talking to a whole rainbow of people. It's a safe space where even Beckett and Uni of students can mix. Wild.

You don't need to know the lyrics

We've all experienced that awkward moment when the DJ spins a song everyone but you knows as you try and fail to fumble the chorus. At Kpop night there's no embarrassment about not being able to sing along as, of course, most of the lyrics are in Korean. Dedicated Kpop fans teach themselves the words, but for the rest of us the songs usually feature a few easy English phrases which you can pick up by the second chorus.

The dancing

Choreography is a big part of what makes Kpop so special, in fact, the crazy shapes were what drew us to the genre as a whole. There is some Kpop choreography which is easy enough for anyone to pick up and it's a lot of fun to try and dance along to the chorus of "Sorry Sorry" or "Bang Bang Bang" when you're bevved. However, Kpop night is probably the only club night we've ever been to where you'll see people who have perfected entire routines by heart, and it's honestly pure scenes.

The fashion

Fashion is a huge part of Kpop, and Korean culture in general, so expect the people at Kpop nights to be wearing outfits cool enough to put your basic flares and bandeaus to shame. Kpop is about to shake up the tired edgy-Leeds-puffer.

The club will never be packed out

Kpop may be growing in popularity but a Kpop club night is unlikely to ever be as popular as Mischief or Beaverworks (this is edgy Leeds after all). If you've ever been to one of Leeds' busiest club nights you will know that it gets so packed you can't breathe – and forget about hearing your mates. It's a relief to attend a club night which is a little quieter and feels more like a private party with no risk of heat stroke or suffocation.

Fewer people attending just to get smashed and pull

It's nearly 2020 – fuck boys are cancelled and Kpop knows it. We're here for the tunes and the vibe, not your stale pickup lines, honey. Kpop night is no different, and it is amazing to be surrounded by people wanting to enjoy the music they're really passionate about, rather than getting blackout drunk or grinding on strangers in a desperate real-life Tinder/Grindr mess.

The new Classics

Western pop has "Mr Brightside" and "Dancing in the Moonlight".

Kpop has "Fantastic Baby", "Replay" and "Bubble Pop".

They're cheesy and overplayed, but you still love them and they'll make your whole night out.

Look out for Young Bros Kpop and KHipHop nights Leeds and other cities around the UK.