Leeds RAG fashion show is now recruiting for its 2020 committee

Yolanda Hadid would be so proud

Forget Milan. Forget Paris. Leeds is where the trends are. With the end of freshers week bringing those pre-first semester blues, there’s only one way to kickstart the new academic year – working on the runway.

For the last 11 years, Leeds RAG fashion show has been the largest exclusively student-led charity fundraiser in the city. Having raised an amazing £23,000 for charity last year, the 2020 show aims to break the records of the previous year’s successes.

2020 committee

Leeds RAG have already begun recruiting for this year's team, and with over 40 roles to apply for, there really is something for everyone.

As well as looking amazing on your CV, being part of the committee is guaranteed to help land some great grad opportunities- and it doesn't even matter if you don’t know your Stella McCartney, from your Linda.

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Current director, Michele Fawwaz, shared her experience working on the show:

"I first joined LRFS (Leeds RAG fashion show) as a model in 2018 and after being part of two incredible shows, I decided to try my hand at directing.

So far it has been the most incredible experience and I can honestly say there is nothing more special that Leeds has to offer."

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Mollie Ford, the other director for the 2020 show, added:

"Having the opportunity to work with RAG this year has been the most demanding but also the most exciting thing I’ve ever done at uni.

The most amazing part is knowing that all the work we've put in is going to make a difference to the charities we’re supporting."

This year, LRFS aims to raise over £25,000 for Plastic Oceans UK and Hubbub, and for the first time in the show’s history, LRFS has been completely inspired by sustainability.

What better way to help save planet earth? David Attenborough would be so proud.

Available positions

Head of charity

Head of finance

Graphic designer

Fundraising managers (five positions available)

Marketing managers (four positions available)

Media directors (two positions available)

Model managers (two positions available)

Press and PR managers (four positions available)

Production (seven positions available)

VIP Managers (two positions available)

Sponsorship managers (four positions available)

Stylists (six positions available)

Sustainability managers (two positions available)

For more information about each role, check out the Leeds RAG fashion show 2020 facebook page.

To apply, fill out the LRFS20 committee application form.