Sex crazed Daddy long legs set to invade Leeds student houses

U up?

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If you've just moved into your Leeds student house and think there's an unusually high amount of flying insects around, you'd be right.

The kinkiest insect, the Daddy Long Legs, are set to hatch in their millions this month, horny from birth and looking for NSA fun. That's right, it's their mating season and they're everywhere.

Much like the Common Fuck Boy, spotted around this time in Leeds too, they're a nocturnal creature, and you may find them hanging around your kitchen late at night. And again like the Common Fuck Boy, it's hard to get rid of them.

Daddy Long Legs only have a life span of 10-15 days, meaning they are currently frantically flying about Leeds looking for a mate before they die.

When you only live for 10-15 days there's not much time to get your end away. Love is in the air, but soon all the females will end up ghosted – with their bae actually being dead.

Expect them soon and fill the DMs of female-thot-long-legs in their urgent mating season.