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It’s official: Uni of Leeds is no longer working with fossil fuel extractors

They’ve committed to having a net-zero carbon footprint by 2030

The University of Leeds has given a big middle finger to fossil fuel extractors Total, BP, and Shell (Royal Dutch Shell) in its plan to tackle the global climate crisis.

As well as withdrawing its investment from these companies, the uni has put forward seven bold principles which address the issue of climate change.

These principles have been approved by the university's council, and outline how the uni is going to support the worldwide transition to a low carbon future.

Last year, the uni adopted the Climate Active Strategy, an essential guide in how universities can invest responsibly in companies that share the same environmental goal.

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Lauren Huxley, Union Affairs Officer, said: "We’re really pleased to see the university acting on such an important topic, which is clearly at the forefront of many students’ minds.

"It’s clear that, alongside university staff, students’ passion for the future of our planet has been recognised, listened to, and helped drive the direction of these principles."

Help the uni tackle climate change

As well as protesting outside Parky B, students can also get involved by applying to become Sustainability Architects.

By helping deliver sustainability projects on campus, and putting forward new ideas on how the university can deliver its ongoing Sustainability Strategy, these positions are a crucial part in the uni's fight against the global climate crisis.

Applications are now open.