We spoke to the Leeds student who managed to sell her handmade earrings to Grace Fit

Bet they look fab with her resistance bands

Everyone knows that your student loan doesn't cover your rent, let alone your weekly night out to Beaverworks. And the thought of being a club promotor? Well that literally kills you inside.

But don't give up just yet.

We spoke to Charlotte, a 20 year old Leeds student, who started her own successful jewellery business selling handmade earrings. As well as making their way around pretty much every festival this year, instagram fitness legend and complete goddess Grace Fit, even bought a pair.

Safe to say Charlotte is doing pretty well, and can deffo avoid hustling outside Przym on a Monday evening.

What first inspired you to make your earrings?

I’ve always been a creative person and would make friendship bracelets all the time for my friends as a kid. Last summer, I wanted to get back into being creative to help with mindfulness and thought I would make some earrings.

Do you find it hard managing your time?

As I started my business over summer, I definitely found it hard going back to uni when it started to grow more over winter. As it’s my own tiny business, I can do as much or as little as I want, which obviously affects my profits but its fab for my mental health compared to an average shop assistant job.

How did you manage to hook up with Grace Fit?

With regards to Grace, she just bought some earrings off my account and I was ecstatic! I messaged her straight away to tell her how much of a fan I was and offered to send her a couple of extra pairs in return for a promo on her stories.

As the lovely women she is, she said yes!

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Any tips or tricks you’d like to share for others wanting to do the same thing?

I’d say just keep going and back yourself as much as you would your best friend. I was really scared about telling my friends/putting it on my personal social media out of fear of judgement, but everyone has been so lovely about it.

My closest friends have really helped me with getting my shop out there and brought me a lot of business. Having faith in yourself is definitely key.

How’s it feel being a bad bitch?

Honestly, some mornings I wake up and think I’m really not doing the best I can, then some mornings I wake up feeling like the most amazing independent boss woman there ever was.

I’m hoping to buy a car in the next year with my earnings and I can’t wait for the feeling of buying a big purchase with the earnings from my lil' business.

What’s next for My Sun and Stars?

I’d really like to become a more sustainable brand, and start making jewellery using up-cycled/recycled materials, so that may be on the horizon!

I love being creative so I may also look at different ways of making earrings such as knitting/sewing some pieces. We shall see!