Here are the best dressed people at Leeds Ball 2019

The night LUU became The Met

Every year a small number of events take place in which the world waits in anticipation to see just WHAT was worn? The Met Gala, The Oscars and, of course, Leeds Ball. Last Friday (7th June) saw some of the most fabulous Leeds Ball looks of all time, but hey, y'all had Naomi Campbell, and Alexa Chung's incredible Met looks for last minute inspo, so there really was no excuse:

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#leedsball #reddress It’s a wonderful night ♥️

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There are few things in Leeds which are certain, but looking flawless in a red dress at the ball is one of them. Red dresses can honestly do no wrong (the other certainties include Crispy's tasting 10/10 after Fruity and the fact that you WILL get lost in Roger Stevens as a fresher).

So, erm, this actually Renaissance painting, right?

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alexa, play goodbye my lover by james blunt ? #leedsball

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The power of red continues (only this time the dress looks like it has been taken straight out of The Great Gatsby). I mean, the roaring twenties are coming around again people, take note for Leeds Ball 2020.

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Over n out Leeds ?

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This dress is bringing out all the angelic vibes in Hyde Park. BLESSED.

So nobody told us JT was filming a new video for Suit and Tie in The Union?

It is rather unlikely that a remake of Breakfast of Tiffany's would be filmed in Hyde Park, but if that ever did happen, it would look very similar to this.

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As a baller?#leedsball

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Leeds Ball outfit tip #1: Wear an outfit that matches your tattoo, and you can't really go too far wrong.

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Leeds Ball 2019 ?

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Relationship tip #1: Couples who coordinate together stay together.

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Issa ball

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To conclude the holy trinity of red dresses we just had to include this burgundy velvet dress. The only accessory missing is a Red Stripe. It's all about the colour coordination, am I right?

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Proud of my date ??

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This dreamy duo is serving us with looks you would never want to take off. You can still wear these dresses in Eddy B, this is edgy Leeds after all.