These Leeds students bought a £400 hot tub for their house party

Forget Malibu, Hyde Park is now the hottest place to come for pool parties

Yup, you heard right. A group of five lads, Chris, Elliott, Alex, James and Robbie, living in Hyde Park decided to take their house party to the next level. Why? Because they "wanted a party that was different and not just a regular house party."

After some deliberation they decided the main priority was something funny. Chris added that "a hot tub in 8 degree weather is better than a paddling pool."

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Well, that's one way to warm yourself up …

Initially, they had planned to hire a hot tub for the night but on arrival the hire company said that the tub was too big to fit in their (not so luxurious) porch. However, that didn't stop them.

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The hire company taking away the boys' promised hot tub because it wouldn't fit…

Chris told The Leeds Tab that they had "promised our guests a hot tub" (only in Leeds, ey).

Determined not to disappoint, the boys took a road trip to B&Q and (wait for it) bought an actual hot tub.

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It may have been 400 quid down the drain (praise the lord for student loans) but a bubbly tub frothing in the depths of Hyde Park was now set up and ready for the ultimate house party.

Their generosity didn't end there, apparently they also charged party goers £5 for a plastic cup that then entitled them to unlimited alcohol which was in buckets around the house. These boys really did splash the cash (if you pardon the pun).

According to the boys the tub went down a treat. Even people who hadn't brought swim wear jumped in – let's just hope none of the girls were wearing white tops.

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Bubbles and beers, what could possibly go wrong?

So what do you do when you have a permanent hot tub at your student house? "Some awesome summer hot tub parties" (obviously) said Chris.

But, now they'll need to up their game for the next party and the bar has been set very high. Robbie isn't worried though, he insightfully revealed that "you can't plan to be a legend, it's just something that happens". Apparently a bouncy castle is in the pipe line, though, so look out for future inflatables popping up in Hyde Park.

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