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I asked Leeds students to show me the last note they made on their phone, and wow you lot are weirdos

‘I saved a message I received from my drunken ex in my notes’

From a definitive list of groceries you need to buy for the week to the dark thoughts you have alone in your room at midnight on a Monday, the notes app is certainly a weird and wonderful place. It is home to some of your deepest and darkest secrets that you definitely do not want anyone else to see.

So naturally, I wanted to expose these secrets by asking the students of Leeds to share with me the most recent note they made on their phone. Here is what they had to say.

Emma, Third Year, English Language and Literature

It's only fair I get the ball rolling by exposing myself first, so here is the most recent note I made on my phone.

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"I feel so used x"

I have to say, I have no recollection of making this note and could not reveal who this is about. I do know this note was made at 1am on a Wednesday, meaning I was probably upset over a boy (shock). I can confirm I am all good now, and definitely no longer feel used x

Brad, Third Year, Computer Science

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You're either sorry/birnyour-not.

You fucked me iff 5 months to sleep around. Im now back living with that thought every day so I dontneed yourshit when you can't control your emotions. You are sorry ornyour not.

Brad's most recent note is "a message I received from my drunken ex". He admitted that he saved it in his notes because he "thought it was funny".


Nathan, Second Year, Politics and Philosophy

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Zack, Iwan, Eliot, Seb, Jacob, Olie, Rob, Josh, Tommy, David, Jake, Stefan, Andrew, Will, Oscar, Harry, Ben.

A scandalous note from Nathan reveals "a list of all the boys I have been on dates with recently. The last two names are my two ex boyfriends."

I suppose it is always nice to keep track.

Clare, Third Year, Cultural Media Studies

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Hi Kerry,

Just wondering could you meet any later today? I have a seminar.

Another drunken note made by Clare. She reveals she "was drunk and drafted an email I needed to send to my dissertation tutor."

I'm very impressed with the spelling here tbh.

Matthew, Third Year, Media and Production

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That's my cousin and if she serves me my mum will find out I smoke hah.

Matthew made this note when he was "buying cigarettes and realised the girl on the till was my cousin. I wrote the note to warn my friend who was with me to abort the mission." That could have been messy.

Carmen, Second Year, International Development

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are you okay?

Yeah I'm great, are you?? I thought you said I want some water.

I'm good in going to get some water.

Carmen admitted that she "was on a night out with my mate and the music was so loud we couldn't hear what the other was saying. The notes app seemed like the only possible way to communicate."

Shalaka, Second Year, Economics and Philosophy

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enidan nosnikliw

akalahs ezav

arat angam

alocin llewoh

Shalaka's note was a list "of all my friendship group's names spelled backwards."

Procrastination at its finest.

Anna, Second Year, Economics and Politics

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Banana, Hash Brown tomatoes mushrooms bap, coffee, coffee, vegan saus roll, Frappuccino, Rolawola, Flares, Turtleneck, Cropped jumper, Nike AirMac, Necklaces, Earrings

This note from Anna is "a classic list of things I needed to get when in town." I have to say, that bap sounds banging.

Haiden, Fourth Year, Chemistry

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Brad: £36 + £60 + £70 £175 in total + £20

Haiden's latest note is "money that my mate owes me." Seems like Brad is in a lot of debt here.

Jasmine, Third Year, Physics

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Jasmine said she made this note when she "was in a club and trying to get the DJ to play Blur." She later disclosed that she "did not succeed."

Sukhi, Third Year, Physics

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Connor and Kate will fight for a fiver

This note from Sukhi is "a drunkenly unexplained note I'm afraid. I can confirm Connor and Katie did not fight for a fiver."

It's good to know both parties were not harmed in the making of this note.

Well, there you have it. These are the last notes students of Leeds made in their phones. I think it is safe to say the notes app is definitely better left private.