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The time has come to meet the Leeds RAG Fashion Show models

Vibrant. Gorgeous. Electric

Ever wanted to get inside a model’s head? We can think of other places we’d like to explore…

But for now, we’ve teamed up with Leeds Rag Fashion Show to give you the low down on all things fashion and fabulous.

If you search for models, you’ll find one thing – they have nothing at all in common. Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Twiggy, David Gandy. Each model brings something new – themselves. Vibrant. Gorgeous. Electric. The rainbow flag ensemble of LRFS 2019 is all this and more.

So, we put a list of questions to the models about everything from gender identity to their favourite Absolutely Fabulous character. You can tell from their varying answers they’re a vibrant team, here’s what they had to say:

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Jakson Mads

First thing’s first: What would be your best fashion tip?

Emma – Less is more

Naomi – Be bold. No two people are the same. You could wear a bin bag and make it fashion darling.

Khaleel – Be confident and never be scared to push the boundaries of fashion. Always be creative, own the look and if you like it then go for it. Don’t follow trends.

Jakson – Fashion is a form of individuality and self-expression my best tip is to be yourself and confident in what you wear, or people won’t take you seriously.

Phoebe – Match the colours and prints you want to wear to your hair colour and skin tone, even your eye colour. People seriously underestimate how your own ‘natural’ features make certain hues pop.

Jess – Use fashion as another form of self-expression, don’t think too hard about it and just express yourself in any way you want!

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Emma Keene

In one word, how does it feel when doing a photoshoot?

Emma – Liberating

Naomi – Revealing

Khaleel – Empowering

Jakson – Astounding

Shuyan – Natural

Phoebe – Confidence-instilling.

Jess – Powerful

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Kahleel Loonat

Is there a model or celebrity you try to channel while modelling?

Emma – Cara Delevingne has always been a strong influence for me.

Naomi – Tyra Banks and Miss J. Alexander taught me everything I know. Also Beyoncé.

Khaleel – Not really, I just go out and be myself and channel my inner animal!

Phoebe – Candice Swanepoel. She’s so humble and has avoided drama her entire career.

Owen – I try to channel my inner David Beckham vibes when I’m modelling however that’s a bit difficult when you look like Russell Howard!

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Naomi Adeboye

Do you ever worry about pulling a Carrie Bradshaw and tripping on the runway?

Emma – Yes. But with practise I’m sure I’ll get there.

Jakson – Worse nightmare, try to put those thoughts as far away as possible

Shuyan – Yes, I do. High heels can be friends and enemies in the same time.

Jess – Yes, I think that’s everyone’s biggest fear for on the night, but we are all encouraging each other to put it out our minds.

Owen – Fortunately, my costume isn’t very long, nor does it have a train so no!

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Owen Tyas

Do you think modelling changes your perceptions of clothes and what they say?

Naomi – Modelling gives you a unique opportunity to see the clothes through the eyes of the designer. After hearing the designer’s intentions, the feeling and inspiration for the piece, your perceptions can definitely change.

Khaleel – Definitely! Clothes are more than something that you just put on. It’s an expression of yourself – an additional identity to you.

Shuyan – Yes. Before i thought clothes are just clothes while after modelling i feel them more like a life attitude. What you wear is what you think.

What’s been the hardest part of the process?

Emma – Trying to gracefully not trip over Bilal’s leg when emerging from the Romanticism scene.

Naomi – Acting ‘normal’. The more you think about how you’re walking the less able you are to walk like a normal human being. The more you’re concerned with where to put your arms, the stranger and stranger every move you make starts to look. It’s both hilarious and infuriating all at once.

Jakson – Timing when walking with other models.

Shuyan – To give the photographer my best angle (Because even I can’t find it).

Phoebe – Learning how to do a high fashion walk in trainers or boots- it’s tricky to look elegant when you haven’t got heels on!

Jess – The hardest part of the process was probably doing the casting. I was pretty nervous but looking back I had nothing to worry about!

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Phoebe Crow

Would you do it again?

Emma – Absolutely!!

Naomi – In a heartbeat xx

Khaleel – Of course I would. You meet so many amazing people and it’s all for a good cause.

Jakson – Definitely, no need to think twice!

Shuyan – You guess?

Phoebe – Definitely. It’s so accessible to many people who didn’t feel like they had the chance before.

Jess – Yes, I’ve loved every moment so definitely hoping to take part again next year.

Owen – 100% and I’d also recommend it to anybody even just remotely considering it.

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Shuyan Zhang

And Finally: Quick – Edina or Patsy?

Emma – Patsy!

Naomi – Patsy

Jakson – Patsy

Shuyan – Edina.

Phoebe – Patsy!

Jess – For sure Patsy!

Poor Edina. Anyway, this was just a little snippet of the gorgeous team serving serious looks on the runway at The Refectory this Thursday, the 28th. The after party at Church will be the BOMB so grab your little black dress, your attitude and your glam.

Each model carries an independent energy that together produce this explosion of emotion that can only be described as mesmerising. If you don’t have your ticket yet, you need one. There are some VIP ones left – treat yourself HERE.

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