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We asked people if Zac Efron is too hot to play serial killer Ted Bundy

‘Zac is peng fire ting. Guys gotta make a living’

Netflix Serial Killers Ted Bundy Zac Efron

Have you ever stopped to think who that 6’2" rugby boy you met at Mischief really is, or that quietly sexy but mysterious guy who sits in the same place on floor 13 of Eddy B every day? Does your Netflix and chill turn into a marathon of serial killer documentaries?

Well, no one knew that the friendly, charming good looks of Ted Bundy, were actually a mask for a psychotic serial killer. What’s more, arguably (no most definitely), the sexiest man ever to grace our screens has been chosen to play the serial killer in the upcoming Netflix movie about his life.

A couple of weeks ago, Netflix released the Ted Bundy Tapes, which has been taking the world by storm. Netflix has been releasing an influx of documentaries in the past 15 months, specifically ones about serial killers and shocking untold mysterious. The Ted Bundy Tapes are just the newest to add to the collection, alongside the likes of Making a Murderer: Part Two, The Staircase and Abducted in Plain Sight.

Ted Bundy was an American serial killer, kidnapper, rapist, burglar and necrophilia, who assaulted and murdered numerous young women and girls, during the 1970s. After more than a decade of denials, he confessed to 30 homicides that he committed in seven states between 1974 and 1978, although it is believed that there could be many more. If that wasn’t enough to freak you out, despite his shocking crimes, people are still captivated by his murderous charm, even more so since the documentaries release. He even had fans on death row, right up to the point where he was executed by electrocution.

Those of us who grew up with the best Disney channel cast and programs, with the likes of That’s so Raven, Hannah Montana and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, will almost certainly have watched High School Musical when it first premiered back in 2006 (feel old yet?). So when Zac Efron debuted as top basketball playe/secret singer Troy Bolton, fans went absolutely mental and he became the new teen idol who appeared on everyone’s poster wall.

However, the upbeat, catchy teen pop musical, songs which still resonate on the dance floor of Fruity Fridays, is far from the role that he is currently preparing himself for. Since being announced that he has been cast the play the killer in the upcoming Joe Berlinger movie Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile, the conversation has sparked much debate online.

The main thing is that people are worried that Efron will be too charming in the role and that fans would find themselves lusting after a notoriously violent killer. Some people have even offered their own thoughts on who would be better cast to play Bundy. Others just can’t wait to see Efron back on our screens again, praising it as the perfect casting.

Unsurprisingly, the conversation around campus is relatively chilled.

Elliot Borek, 3rd Year, Maths

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“Ted Bundy was quite a good looking guy and apparently came across quite normal and even charming didn’t he? Clearly, he was a psychopath, but there is no reason why Zac Efron can’t portray that, regardless of his audience or previous role.”

Jen, 3rd Year, Media and Communications

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Jen told The Leeds Tab that she doesn’t really care nor does it matter because "Bundy was quite attractive anyway, so they are just reflecting reality. Plus normally, real-life characters are played by much more attractive people on screen anyway so I think its just the norm for Hollywood. I will probably watch it just because everyone’s been talking about it."

Beth, 3rd Year, Psychology

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“You can’t tell who is a 'psychopath' and who isn’t by looking at them, so I suppose Zac Efron epitomises this idea." She ended by telling me that she will definitely watch it because "Zac is peng fire ting. Guys gotta make a living.” Fairs

The film hasn’t even come out yet, and already this has created quite the conversation. However, I think we are all eager to see it despite all the controversy, but we will have a while to wait, as it’s not scheduled for release in cinemas and on Netflix until late 2019.

Word of warning guys and gals, don’t believe everything you read on that bumble profile and be careful who you meet around campus.

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