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A Leeds student told her ex to pay her £100 and he actually sent it


Leeds Beckett student, Toni Osborne, told her ex if he gave her £100 she would talk to him. GENIUS, right?

He messaged her on Instagram saying he would do "whatever it takes" to talk to her and get her back in his life. So Toni, the legendary woman that she is, told him to pay her £100 for a little chat.

And GUESS WHAT?! He actually did it.

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She gave him her bank details and next thing she knew, £100 was paid into her account.

Toni tweeted that the man in question was her boyfriend THREE YEARS ago and he "cheated, abused and dumped" her, adding the money was "compensation" for the shit he put her through.

Toni screenshotted the entire thing and posted it on Twitter, because what else do you do when something this wild happens?

The tweet currently has over 2,700 retweets and 24,000 likes. The replies to the tweet were absolute jokes.

I'm voting the ex was absolutely pissed when he sent over the money and is going to wake up to one hell of a "pending transactions" bill.

Many of the comments were girls kicking themselves for not trying this out themselves. Such a missed opportunity…

Some even called it, "The Energy of 2019". Preach.