Here are all the Leeds related social media accounts you should waste your time reading

Procrastination at its finest

It's pretty mad to think that 15 years ago there was no such thing as Twitter, no such thing as e-tickets, and best/worst of all (depending on how you look at it) no memes pages to scroll through. Yes, we came to uni to get a good job, but what’s a dissertation and making your parents proud when there’s quality content to be read on Leeds Uni Tickets?

Though social media is both a blessing and a curse, it undoubtedly provides us with a lot to laugh and talk about while struggling through our degrees. So, seeing as the digital age is here to stay, and January seems to be never-ending, here’s a collection of the best-loved Leeds related pages to waste away your semester scrolling through.

Leeds Memerva (Instagram)

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Love a bit of Jezza

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You can’t beat a bit of Leeds Memerva. A questionable play on words based on the dreaded VLE 'Minerva' (who came up with that name?) Memerva has pulled through with some quality posts this year. Whether it's initiating yet another argument over which the best halls is, berating girls for walking around campus dressed like Groovy Chick or complaining about the awful layout of Rodger Stevens, Memerva is a vital presence on many a student’s Instagram timeline. And let's be honest, making jokes about how awful Eduroam is will never get old.

Is It Raining In Leeds ( Instagram)

Never again will you take your umbrella out unnecessarily. The godsend you never realised you needed, 'Is It Raining In Leeds’ provides you with real-time information on, you guessed it, whether it's raining in Leeds.

Maybe it would make sense to look out the window, but this more fun.

Leeds Uni Tickets (Facebook)

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We can only hope the box was returned to its rightful owner.

Whether you need to flog your ticket to Beaverworks or find a DJ and a bouncer for your birthday party, this is the place to be. Even though at this time of the year it's filled with people trying to rent out their rooms or find people to rent with, for the other 11 months of the year it's a near constant source of entertainment. If you're having a bad day, at least you're not that girl who lost her bank card, phone and ID at Sticky Feet last Friday. Or even worse, the boy who tragically had his birthday present from his parents (a box of Weetabix) robbed from under his very nose

The 164 Connoisseur (Instagram)

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Falafel, chargrilled red pepper, toasted cashews and chilli mayo. I thought I would have learnt to steer clear of falafel given it’s moisture stealing tendencies and heaviness, but the lack of vegetarian options this lunchtime once again led me to a falafel-dominating sandwich for today’s lunch. I can confirm that this sandwich definitely did not bring sunshine on a rainy day. The little flavour brought by the peppers was quickly overlooked by the heavy falafel and awkward addition of cashew nuts. Nevertheless, it was filling sandwich and the ingredients were proportionately spread throughout, which is a quality that 164 can look over, potentially because there were so few ingredients to start with. Rating: 2/5

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Many a brave and foolhardy student has fallen victim to a trampling during the lunchtime rush at Bakery 164. Forget rugby or cheerleading, trying to bag yourself a meal from here is the most prestigious elite sport you can take part in. So naturally, there's nothing worse than taking the first bite of your £3.50 sandwich only to realise the avocado is too mushy, the falafel too dry, or the combo of chilli flakes and chilli sauce just too much to handle. Well worry not, here to cure your sandwich-related fears is Bakery 164 connoisseur, an account which reviews and rates all the options available, so you don't have to. Thank you for your service 164 connoisseur.

Leedsfess (Facebook)

#LeedsFess2556One time I covered myself in Vaseline and pretended to be a slug

Posted by LeedsFess on Tuesday, January 22, 2019

If you have a deep, dark secret that you just cannot hold in any longer, then you can get it off your chest by sending an anonymous submission to Leedsfess. I personally don't know anyone that has ever admitted to doing it, but that's hardly surprising when you read some of the posts. While some of the tamer examples are simply girls reaching out to try and find the good looking guy they were sat next to in Eddy B, the weirder ones really are strange. But then again, would we expect anything else from Leeds students?

#LeedsFess2458Made a big impact on the Beckett boy i brought home after Fruity last week who turned out to have a…

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