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Try not to freak out, but there’s a donkey in Leeds Union RIGHT NOW

‘Tis the season I guess??

Is Shrek’s sidekick on the loose in Leeds? Has Eyore made his way up North?

No people, this is not a joke…there really are two donkey's outside Leeds Union today. I mean, with deadlines literally causing students to do all nighters with Red Bull as their only companion, why not bring some furry friends on campus to brighten up your day?

Nothing gets you in the Christmas spirit more than seeing two donkeys on campus, right?

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So, what is actually going on? Well, unlike dog therapy where gorgeous playful pups wander throughout the Union to help students chill out and take some time away from work, these donkeys are actually up for adoption. I mean, Christmas is the season of giving so for all you students who have put "donkey" on your Christmas list, today is your lucky day.

Equally, if you feel a donkey is too big a commitment, you can just buy some donkey themed gifts in the stall next door (secret santa just got a hell of a lot more interesting).

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Dog therapy just got out done . . .

So, if you're an animal enthusiast or just looking for some procrastination inspiration go check out the donkey duo on campus RIGHT NOW.