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Inside APOLLO 20KT: The Hyde Park house party which cost over £700

Over 200 people were crammed into their student house

Your average uni house party usually consists of a bring-your-own-booze policy, those shit red cups from Aldi, a few 49p Morrisons mixers on your dining table, a dodgy aux cable and a really cheap strobe light that the strange flatmate has brought from home "just in case we ever need it."

But the boys on Kensington Terrace had other ideas – and blew every other Hyde Park party out the water.

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The boys' space themed soiree saw over 230 people cram into their student house as they transformed it into a mini Beaverworks.

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Gone are the days of the Spotify playlists where some self proclaimed music guru always changes the tunes.

At Apollo 20KT there were two club-like rooms of music – one playing tech/house, and the main drum and bass/grime room, complete with DJ set times, bouncers, a bar, multiple sound systems and some seriously wavy decorations – possibly better organised than most festivals you attended in the summer.

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They spent over £700 on organising the event

Speaking to The Leeds Tab, one of the organisers gave an estimated breakdown of how much of his student loan he sacrificed to pull off the event. Over £150 on genuine bouncers that operated a strict guest list only policy (they were more ruthless than the lads on the door at Warehouse), £200 on speakers for the sound-systems for the two rooms, and a fat £200 on lights, spray paint, inflatable aliens, decorations and £150 on booze and bits and the rest.

The bar

I just need some space.

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The drum and bass room

Impressive vape cloud.

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Resident DJ's

DJing or doing his readings for tomorrow's seminar?

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They even had their own Snapchat filter

But everyone was too drunk to remember to use it.

Take a look

I'd let them plan my wedding.