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Why your Leeds house is the best worst place to live

The landlords won’t give a shit about your rat infestation, or anything actually

Getting a new house is exciting. You are free to make your bedroom super edgy, unlike your room at home after a trip to one of Leeds' plant and poster fairs. And let's face it, if you don't have endless amounts of fairy lights and tapestries, are you sure you even live in a student house? You're practically living the dream, right?

Of course not, your house is the biggest shit hole going.

There's mould everywhere

I can understand the bathrooms having mould, BUT THE WALLS??

You will most likely be calling your landlord all year about the mould issue, wondering why they haven't done anything about it. Truthfully, it's because they don't care.

Sitting in a damp, mouldy room has become the norm for you and you are surprised you're not ill from the black furry mould creeping it's way into your soul.

The kitchen is always filthy

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It only got cleaned 10 minutes ago and already there's sugar, tea and milk splashed all over the surfaces. And don't forget the teabag tower. Make sure you're always wearing socks too as you never know what you're standing in. Also, is "hoover" a foreign word? As apparently none of you all know what one is.

If you're one of the lucky few who have been blessed with an en suite, good for you, you will never know the struggles a shared bathroom. There's always someone having a shower when you want to brush your teeth and oh, did I mention the skid marks?

If rubbish is not flowing down the street, are you sure you even live in a student house?

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One bin between six, thanks

The council have decided to give one black bin between six of you, pretty standard really.

No one will empty the kitchen bin, it will become overflowing with empty crisp packets, tea bags and food that literally stinks and you can't believe that you once ate something that smells that bad.

Neither you or your other housemates will take the black bin out either. So, unless you're brave enough to leave it out in Hyde Park in broad daylight, empty your bin!

Did I mention that a student house is always bloody freezing

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10 layers, a tea, Sudocrem and a hot water bottle later…

No matter how many dressing gowns, fluffy socks and blankets you have you will always be cold. It could be 50 degrees outside and your house would still feel like you're in the arctic. Perks of living in the North I guess. And lets be real who can afford to have all the radiators on, unless you're one of the lucky few whose bills are included.

Bugs/mice/rats/flies or anything gross you can think of…

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Why is there always something flying around? Maybe it's because the back door is always open?

Doesn't every student house have a cone?

"If this isn't going to be your student Christmas tree, then you're doing it wrong." Emma-Jane, 21, living in Leeds.

You wake up after a mad night out to see a neon orange reflection in the corner of your eye. You can't remember how it got there or how you managed to carry it from Pryzm either. The cone has become a part of your uni family and you'll never let it go.

Tapestries, fairy lights and a half dead cactus are in desperate need of a water

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Every room is inspired by Amazon, as thats where all the tapestries come from.

You believe that you're being creative with your string of fairy lights, cactus and variety of tapestries inspired by your gap yah. But truthfully your room looks like every other students in Leeds.

We all know that the best part of living in a student house is living with your friends

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Meals together, movie nights and just living with people you like in general. You've watched friends at least 50 times and anything served with spinach is classed as healthy. Cheesy chips and spinach, healthy. Spinach and ricotta pizza, healthy. Burger and fries and of course spinach on the side is healthy. Even a little bit of coleslaw if you're feeling extra spicy.

Netflix every night is an essential and is not complete without a cheeky trip to the Co-op or Sainsbury's.

Finally, you can smoke in the house and no one gives a shit

Sorry mum.