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A defintive list of everything that will make you homesick at uni

You might even get around to calling your Mum

Some people struggle more than others when it comes to feeling homesick at uni. Even if you're the most independent student, there are certain situations that will leave you longing for home cooked meals and a hug from your Mum.

Going through a breakup

Breakups are awful wherever they happen, but being miles away from home and barely able to afford the Ben and Jerry's you keep treating yourself to, makes thing so much worse. Your friends will do their best to cheer you up but what you really need right now is a pep talk from your older sister and cuddles with the family dog.

Breaking your phone

You've already had a bit of a shit week. You got a 2:2 on your last assignment, you're knee deep in your overdraft, and just when you thought things couldn't get any worse you smash your phone on a night out. Of course our phones are really just another piece of technology but breaking it feels like losing an arm. All you can do is cry down the phone (that you've borrowed from your friend) to your Dad and hope he'll take pity and pay for you to have the screen replaced.

Enduring the worst hangover of your life

We've all been there – you're curled up in bed with a headache, unable to move because you just know you'll throw up again and just about ready to cry. Chances are your friends will be in just as bad of a state as you so you can't rely on them for help. All you want is to be back at home where your Mum is on hand to bring you all the water, painkillers and junk food you need.

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Being unable to stand your Hyde Park house any longer

The mould was one thing, and you just about managed to convince yourself that the broken furniture could be expected for £80 per week. But when you and your housemates go downstairs to make breakfast and find rat droppings on the floor you can't stand it any longer. Please, take me back to my clean, tidy, mould and rat free house back home!

Falling out with your housemates

There comes a point when you realise that just because you were best friends in first year, doesn't mean you're compatible living together 24/7. This is when the petty arguments start, and a few snide comments about dirty dishes can escalate into a full blown argument. It's not the falling out itself that's the problem (you know that you will all make up eventually), but living in a house with a really bad atmosphere just isn't what you need, and will definitely make you miss home.

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Running out of money

After first year you told yourself you would be more responsible, but between putting down a deposit for your third year flat and one too many Terrace lunches, you're suddenly broke. While debating whether or not to make that risky call to the bank of Mum and Dad you suddenly wish you were sixteen again and living off weekly pocket money. At least back then you didn't have to worry about the terrifying prospect of reaching your overdraft limit.

Going home for the weekend

You can spend weeks away at uni and not think about home once, then for some reason a trip back home for the weekend makes you feel more homesick than ever. Maybe it's the fact that your Mum is missing you so much she makes sure to treat you extra nicely, volunteering to do your washing and cook all of your favourite meals. All you know is that when you get on the train back to Leeds and wave goodbye, you might find yourself getting a little emotional.

The stress of uni in general

Sometimes it doesn't take something big to make you feel homesick, maybe it has just all gotten a bit too much for you to cope with. You're juggling seminar work, assignments and revision – and wondering whether you're really cut out for uni life after all.

Maybe you should just buy a one way ticket home and never come back? The important thing to remember is that we've all been there, and you'll definitely come out of the other side remembering how much you love uni after all.