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Leeds’ BNOC of the year 2018: round 2

Who will take the second crown?


If you thought the BNOC competition was tough before, this round will show you that we were only just getting started. From the guy who fell off the roof at Warehouse, to the vegan who took an avocado to club, some of Leeds’ biggest names are here, fighting for your vote.

Kate Offord, second year, Geography and Management

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Her friends share that Kate “flirts with every single lad on Eddy b level 10”, but that is nothing in comparison to her dedication to been vegan. That’s right, after been vegan for just one week, Kate took an avocado to the club to ‘prove it’. Kate however confessed that she “wouldn’t really regard herself as a BNOC”, but added “my mum will be really proud that I’ve made friends at uni”.

Niall Unger, first year, Graphic Design

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When it comes to stories about Niall, it seems that less is more, as we are told that “One time, he went on an Otley Run”. Wonder what happened there then.

Niall himself similarly decided not to give too much away, saying “I think I would like to go on record saying I’m shocked, flattered and very emotional hearing the news I’ve been nominated for the award, I’d like to just take a moment to thank all my fans”. He did however share what he believes makes his a BNOC, saying, “I love a good chat, like to make friends (and then immediately forget their name and feel terrible) and then use my connections to make the world a better place, a bit like Gandhi, maybe”.

Jika Edström, first year, Philosophy

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Known as the girl who “was cool and edgy, before it was cool and edgy”, Jika’s friends shared how they “lost her for a whole night at Beaver Works.” It was there where “someone reported the next day to have seen her dancing with a wall for the entirety of the night, where she was, as she described, dancing on the edge of a planet in outer space”. Jika herself was not surprised at the news of her BNOC nomination, saying “I think the fact that everyone on campus knows me is simply because girls wanna be me, guys wanna be with me. I know it sounds cliché but, in my case, it’s true, quite literally. I come from Brighton, which is obviously way cooler than Leeds, so making it big here was never going to be a challenge for me. I’m fit, I’m fashionable and I’m a vegan, what’s not to love?”

Matthew Currie, first year, Mechanical Engineering

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Matthew’s friends labelled him as “Lacrosse’s answer to a slightly less clever Johnny Knoxville”, and shared how he decided that he no longer needed his passport while on a ferry to Italy, so he attempted to throw it overboard, proclaiming he was a “free elf”. Thankfully, Matthew recognised this lack of sense in his response saying “I think it was Aristotle who once said ‘I’ve got lots of intelligence yet fuck all common sense’. This is a rule I have stuck by in life, whether it includes me being Leeds Lacrosse’s resident caveman or two-stepping in Beaver Works in the middle of exams. Also, I have a collection of snapped in half traffic cones, my normal go to chat up line”.

Lauren Amy Chance, second year, Pharmacology

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This “party animal is folk legend in the biomedical sciences faculty” and, according to Laurens friends, she enjoys the “good life day and night, say no more”. Can’t really complain about that.

Lauren was willing to say more though, confessing she too was not surprised by her nomination as she had “seen it coming for a while”. She also added how being a cheerleader has allowed her to become a BNOC, saying, “people see me from a mile off… the attention just doesn’t stop!! When I turn up to beaver works the party don’t start TIL I walk in….. 1,3,5,7!”

James Brown, first year, Spanish and French

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James found himself lost one evening and “he rocked up at 2 o’clock the next day having met 2 random second year girls on the street and taken a bath at their house”. Bear in mind he was wearing a bee costume at the time.

James confessed he was surprised to learn of his nomination as he spends most of his time with “the same relatively small group of people”. He was in favour of becoming the BNOC, saying that he was “Leeds’ lacrosse biggest cuddly boy”.

Lili Delicious White, second year, Philosophy, Ethics and Religion

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Her friends labelled Lili as “absolutely the biggest slag on campus, and proud” and shared how she has “slept with every single boy in the swimming and water polo society all in first year”. And, “she once slept with Lupton’s resident dealer in order to get discount for the whole of block K for a year”.

What did Lily have to say about this? ” I’m actually really honoured to be nominated and I can confirm the details of the nomination are in fact true. Us girls shouldn’t be ashamed to speak about how many people we’ve slept with. Aside from what was mentioned in the nomination, I’ve also never missed a warehouse Wednesday in 2 years, me and the bouncers are on first name basis. Surely that deserves something”. Surely it does.

Luke Gordon, second year, Civil Engineering

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Luke is a self proclaimed “all round, legend” who, while at band camp, thought he had a “telepathic conversation with aliens from another planet”. It turned out that he was just on the phone to his 8 year old sister for 4 hours.

Luke shared how he is “looking forward to collecting my award and confirming my status as the biggest BNOC” He then went on to say “I’m a well-known face around the entire campus, especially with the ladies. If I was to pin point individual factors to what has made me the BNOC I am today, I’d have to say being a typical rugby lad, which in itself brings a minor celebrity status, alongside being a known face in the gym. But most of all, I think people know me for my relentless addiction to hooking up with girls on tinder, my house mates sometimes call me the “serial swiper”. A name to be proud of we’re sure.

Jamie Perriman, second year, Medical Engineering

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It seems that Jamie really is Mr Worldwide, as his friends revealed that their housemate “went to South Africa, and a man he met was mutual friends with Jamie. I then went to hull to visit my best friend and met a lad, we added each other on Facebook, and he was mutual friends with Jamie, it turns out they did snow bombing together, and then had slept naked with each other. Is there anyone he doesn’t know?” Perhaps Jamie’s finest moment however, was when he got refused entry into warehouse “so he attempted to climb in via the roof. He fell and broke his ribs”. When asked what makes him a BNOC, Jamie confessed “I guess falling off the roof of Warehouse helped.”

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