Beckett halls evacuated after bomb squad called in and ‘grenade-type devices’ found

Police searched the building after a tip-off from a student

Yesterday police were initially called about a possible firearm at Kirkstall Brewery, a Leeds Beckett halls of residence for up to 800 students. After arriving on the scene, they searched rooms for up to 5 hours searching for the weapon. Armed police arrived to secure the premises before the bomb squad was required to attend the scene.

After conducting the search, a police spokesperson said: "A number of items were found in a flat including what appeared to be a grenade-type device. The premises were evacuated while Army specialists attended. They confirmed it was an imitation. Two other imitation firearms were recovered and were confirmed as deactivated weapons that presented no danger."

The deactivated weapons were removed from the site and a 19 year old man was arrested later and is being questioned in connection to the crime.

The incident was obviously upsetting for the residents, but most of them seem to have blown it off as just another thing in a string of negatives about Kirkstall Brewery.

When asked about the incident, current resident Steve said "I don't really have much to say on the matter. Just thank god it didn't blow up as I'd have lost my nudes!"

Others were just inconvenienced by the search:

A spokesperson for Leeds Beckett university told The Tab: "We assisted police while they investigated this incident, a small number of students were evacuated as a precaution". University staff are working with a local neighbourhood policing team to assure students that they are not at risk.