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I told guys on Tinder I loved them just in time for Valentine’s Day

Please don’t ejaculate on my hair

Most people like to wait a couple of months – or even years – before dropping the L word. But with Valentine's mere days away, I thought I'd be forward and drop it into conversation a few minutes after being introduced to this fine crop of men. No time to lose and whatnot. Suffice to say – this wasn't my best tactic, and I'm still spending Valentine's alone. But it was worth it for the lols.

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I mean, no, I will not be doing that

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He had me at 'oww'

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'I love you' 'Ok'

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Watch out we got some big words over here!

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Pied to the max

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YOUR joking !!!

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Don't you change the subject on me young man

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Speechless? Yeah, I have that effect on people

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Please don't ejaculate on my hair

So, several brutal rejections and awkward conversations later, I'm still single, but at least I've found a way to entertain myself on Valentine's Day by scaring off men with a simple four letter word.