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Everything you’ll look forward to coming back to in Leeds after the Christmas break

Your home life just doesn’t compare

Christmas has been great, you've dined out on your free food and home cooked meals, you've seen the friends you haven't seen in months and gone to your shitty local clubs that are only still enjoyable because you can't remember a time you didn't go to them. But now it's time to go back to the second home you know and love, Leeds.


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You almost need say no more. What more is better than the prospect of Crispy's after a night out. No takeaway place at home quite compares to the experience you get at Crispy's. There's no music blasting out at 4am, no battered sausage quite like theirs and you don't get the same friendly drunken atmosphere like you do at Crispy's. Your first night back will definitely centre around this at the end of the evening.

The nights out

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Nothing beats a Leeds night out. You can go out any night of the week to any club that takes your fancy. The nights out are far better than your local nightclub at home that plays the same playlist every. Single. Week. Although you probably secret like it, 4 weeks of it is enough and it's definitely time to get back to the Leeds nightlife. Fruity is calling…

Bakery 164

The only thing that slightly helps to get through a long day at uni, is the relief of a lunchtime sandwich from bakery 164. Although it may result in a half an hour wait, it puts off the work for longer and is definitely worth it by the end. Your local bakery at home definitely does not reach the same heights as their baked goods.

Your housemates

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The stack of dirty dishes and general mess may sometimes drive you crazy, but it's been 4 weeks without your flatmates and you already can't wait to be back with the crazy bunch you live with.

The drinks

Let's be honest, drinks are just cheaper in the North. No matter where you live, it always seems that the drinks are cheaper in Leeds. Being able to find happy hour deals almost any day of the week is something you definitely don't find in your local pub at home.

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May as well stock up whilst you can