Leeds’ most eligible bachelorette 2017: The final

They’re all winners in our eyes

After five rounds, it's time to meet your final five bachelorettes. There can be only one winner though, so get voting for your favourite.

Beth Mortell, second year, English Literature and Ancient History

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One of Beth's nominations was literally just all the words to Smash Mouth's "All Star", which probably tells you all you need to know about her. Firstly: she has great taste in music.

When she heard about her nomination, Beth said that she was "hurt and offended, but not surprised".

Kirsten Williams-Lee, second year, Fashion Marketing

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Kirsten is "a 5 ft 2 pocket rocket with a cracking pair of (real) tits and an even more cracking personality. This blonde babe is renowned for fucking it before midnight on every sports social, but at least she can handle a man better than she can handle her drink. Rumour has it she's partial to risky sexual encounters and once accidentally ordered tingly anal lube to her mum's house. What more could you ask for? Renowned amongst friends as the go to gal for hugs, help and humour; this laxitute is the real deal with the only fake thing about her being her eyelash extensions.

"Endless swiping has tired her, she's ready to be swept off her feet by a man brave enough. She'll even make you breakfast in the morning".

When she heard about her nomination, she said she was "grateful for having something else to add onto my CV".

Charlotte Doleman, second year, Psychology

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According to her friends, Charlotte should be your most eligible bachelorette because of "her peng bum and peng personality". She's also apparently always up "for a boogie in the club and in the sheets". We'll leave that one for you guys to find out.

When we told her about her nomination, Charlotte asked: "can I put this on my CV?" Yes. Yes you can.

Jojo Tizard, second year, Politics

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Apparently Jojo was a "noisy neighbour" if you get what I mean.

When she heard about her nomination, Jojo said: "shout out to my funny friends".

Charlotte Rose, fourth year, Music Psychology

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Charlotte is a Blondie lookalike who can often be found in Terrace "sharking for freshers". Apparently she's been banned for life from Fruity after she got on stage when Smash Mouth's "All Star" came on. Gutted.

According to her friends, "she’s no stranger to the limelight, and has been featured in the Tab’s “best dressed”, so you can be assured she looks great at all times". Charlotte is "perfect for anyone looking for that special someone who can communicate only in Peep Show quotes and GIFs".

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