Leeds’ most eligible bachelor 2017: The final

There can only be one winner

Out of over 100 nominations, we're down to the final four bachelors all trying to win the most coveted title of the year. It's time to settle this once and for all.

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Tom Slater, fourth year, Medicine

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"Tom is a strapping Yorkshire born and bred 22 year old medic. He dreams of finding his perfect gal and settling down in the Yorkshire countryside with a Yorkshire Terrier called Pudding and a Land Rover Defender. He's also Co-Founder and Director of Leeds biggest disco event, Primal Sound, and can often be seen at the events throwing some questionable shapes on stage. Get your votes in for him ladies and who knows, maybe you could be up on stage with him."

Jonny House, third year, Economics and Politics

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According to his friends, Jonny is a bit of a BNOC around Leeds, and you can spot him around campus wearing red chinos. He's the Club Captain of Rugby, but don't worry if you didn't already know that cos apparently he never fails to tell everyone he meets, although "some would say he fails to live up to being a "Rugby Lad" cos he can't really handle more than a couple of pints, and prefers to maintain his role as a fun sponge". Good to know.

He's known for his Devon charm, so if a posh boy, rugby southerner is your cup of tea, all you have to do is get him away from doing chest day at the gym and "he'll be sure to treat you with a date at Bill's".

Rhun Gwilym, second year, Music, Multimedia and Electronics

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Rhun should be your most eligible bachelor because he's "sexy and Welsh". Good combination.

When he heard about his nomination, Rhun said: "It's a privilege to be nominated for such a prestigious award. Thanks for the ongoing support from @boroladsinleeds"

Sam Shahriari, second year, Biology

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Sam should be your most eligible bachelor cos he's "Iranian and proud". Good enough for me.

When he heard about his nomination, Sam said: "I'm Persian royalty & Hyde Park is my kingdom. Surely no more needs to be said".