How to nail your edgy Leeds Christmas look

The only time when tacky will be considered edgy

As the festive season looms over us and December is already here (cue comments on where the year has gone) you may be considering getting into the christmas spirit and transitioning your wardrobe. Well, look no further guys this is going to help you get the Leeds look – Christmas style.

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The Vintage Christmas Jumper

Vintage jumpers in Leeds are pretty much a thing all year round even if it is the middle of summer. So why not shake things up a little for the forth coming weeks and grab yourself a vintage christmas jumper. The more oversized the better, always go bigger. And remember, if anyone asks you stole it from your Dad.

Ellesse Jackets – with a twist

We all know if you're a proud owner of an Ellesse Jacket you're not taking that thing off – ever. So to help you guys out here's a nice little budget festive idea for you. Just put some tinsel on it. It's simple and easy an absolute must! You'll be keeping your edgy style whilst not breaking the bank it's a win win.

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Banish the hoops, bring on the baubles

Whilst in December let hoop earrings be a thing of the past. Broaden your horizons and for the love of Christmas make your ears that little bit funkier with a classic bauble. There are plenty of baubles out there so you'll easily find one to match your outfits.

Santa inspo

We all know red is the must have colour this season and Leeds is displaying it pretty well. But how's about we one up the style statement and take inspiration from the big man himself. Red puffer? Check. Red Flares? Check. Combine the two and team with a white tee and a black belt for added style points.

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Tis the season of GLITTER

Nothing screams festivities more than a bit of sparkle. Everyone loves a bit of glitter, so now is your time to way over the top and transform yourself into a disco ball. Go big or go home with this stuff lads and lasses.


There's always that one person who looks like they've just rolled out of bed. So if you can't beat them, join them. Lets just start going out in our pjs guys. Most of our general attire is based on finding the same comfort as our pjs anyway. So why not in true Christmas style start wearing our festive cosy pjs out and about.

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