Everything you will miss about Leeds over Christmas

You’ll miss Crispy’s more than anything

You haven't been home in almost three months and you can't wait to see your lifelong friends again. The only good thing about going home is the free food and thank god it's not from Aldi. With all the excitement about Christmas you forgot how rubbish nights out in your hometown are. Drinks are double of that in Leeds and there's only the one basic club that all the sixteen-year-olds try to go to. You already want to be back in Leeds and you haven't even left for home yet.

Going out every night to actual decent clubs

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There's only the one rubbish club that everyone goes to when you're at home that literally is shit. The drinks are over priced and the music is so bad and overplayed. You stand there and dream of being in Fruity with your orange and passion fruit VK.

There is much more nightlife choice in Leeds. Whether you're a Fruity or a Warehouse kind of person, there is always something that will suit you. Club events happen every night in Leeds not just a Friday and Saturday like your hometown. So, you can go out to clubs all the time and not sit in at home watching Corrie with your mum.

Going shopping at places that aren't just Primark and New Look

In my town we literally have one New Look and that's it. While in Leeds, we have everything. If you want high street, vintage or even designer Leeds has it all. So, shopping for your mates Christmas presents is so easy. River Island supplies all your edgy Fruity outfits while Pop Vintage provides all your cool Uni outfits, for when you're trying to impress that guy in the Laidlaw.

Amber taxis

Even though most taxi drivers hate you for your drunk chats and puking in their car every week. Amber is a students life saver. There is always one available and will come and pick you up with a press of a button. Amber is affordable and will get you home quickly. At home though, you can be paying up to £10 for a five minute journey. Amber isn't available so you have to get in the expensive independent taxis or you can just call your sleeping dad at 2am.

Your housemates

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Friends are the family you choose x

Your housemates have become your second family so you will obviously miss them (more than you'll think). Although you won't miss their dirty dishes in the sink, you will miss the late night walks in Hyde Park to your nearest Sainsbury's Local.

Uni (maybe)

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Haha next joke please.

Being up north (unless you're from the north, in which case being up north in a city that isn't shit)

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Everything in the North is cheaper, you can get a triple for £2.50, while in London you can be paying up to £8 for it. Even if you don't live down south, you will internally scream when you see the prices of everything in your hometown. Takeaways in Leeds are so much cheaper as they cater to students needs. We don't care about the quality, only the price. So, you'll miss the cheap lifestyle when you leave Leeds for Christmas.


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There's only one amazing takeaway in Leeds and we all know its Crispy's. It's most likely 4am and you're more drunk than you have ever been in your life. You can see the blue exterior from Woodhouse Moor and you just can't wait for the nuggets. At home, you don't have Crispy's. Simple as that. You might as well not go out because you already know the after-party food is going to be bad.

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