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Leeds’ most eligible bachelor 2017: Round one

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BNOC's, fuckboys, medics – what more could you want in a round of The Tab Leeds' most eligible bachelor? Vote for who you think should make it to our final, and get closer to achieving more than they probably will in their degree.

Callum Simpson – Second Year – Sociology

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According to Richard who nominated Callum "Not only is he a gigantic bloody BNOC, he's also tall, kind of pasty and a solid 6/10. He's always on the look out for a cuddle, and lately has been expressing his wish for a long-term female companion after a few too many bottles of Lambrini. Any lady lucky enough to catch his eye will be treated to a classic night out in donuts, followed by a romantic and educational Bob Ross marathon. What more could you possibly want?"

Charlie Hewitt – Third year- Music Business

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"Amongst the herds of fuck boys and vanity kings/queens there stands a genuine guy who would make the best bachelor, whether it's cooking or cleaning, music taste, interests I have the best attributes. Being a single male I have been looking for a bachelorette for a while now but haven't found anyone who takes me seriously. I have many traits so if you want to find out more just ask."

Jack Smith – Second Year, Music and Philosophy

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"Jack indulges himself in everything student. Can be seen not showering for a week then arguing when called grim. Most used term is ‘you don’t understand i have NO money’, we understand jack we all get the same loan. Loves sweet corn but loves to throw it on the carpet even more. Hobbies include being ruthlessly efficient with the women and wearing other people’s hoodies."

Tom Savil – Fresher, Maths and Finance

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His friends say "Girls are besoted with him- fantastic chat to go with his beautiful looks." Agree with them, vote for him.

Tom Slater – Fourth year, Medicine

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"Tom is a strapping Yorkshire born and bred 22 year old medic. He dreams of finding his perfect gal and settling down in the Yorkshire countryside with a Yorkshire Terrier called Pudding and a Land Rover Defender. He's also Co-Founder and Director of Leeds biggest disco event, Primal Sound, and can often be seen at the events throwing some questionable shapes on stage. Get your votes in for him ladies and who knows, maybe you could be up on stage with him."

Jake Mennell – Second year, Geological Science

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On the left

According to his friends "He's not a boy that will fuck and chuck, he loves a cuddle. His Boro accent will make the girls swoon. He studies hard rocks but on the inside he's a softie. He's been searching for years and years but so far he's been unsuccessful."

Archie Banks – Second year, Chemistry

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According to his friend, he once told a girl he had erectile dysfunction in order to avoid sleeping with her. Sounds like a typical Leeds fuckboy, but if that's your vibe he's no doubt got your vote.

Freddie Pinkerton – Second year, History

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"Short but sweet as girls often refer to him. Loves to refer to himself as a Leeds Gryphon even though he only plays football in the thirds. Favourite song is Mr Brightside and he is most likely to be spotted in the smoking area of Warehouse looking for his next 'target'."

Matthew Kemp – Third year, Geography

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"Ginger and Good Looking…. YES LADIES, IT EXISTS" that's what Matthew's friend said about him. Think it's true? Vote for him.

Alex Scott – Fresher, Economics

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On the left

His friends describe him as " just a mad guy". That's it. Apparently he's so mad, you don't need to know anything else about him except that his nickname is ‘Scotty too hotty’ because he's known for getting "a little too hotty, if you know what I mean". No, soz, I really don't.

When told about his nomination, Alex simply said "I’d like to meet a nice girl and leave all those “hottest bachelor” lists behind".