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We asked students in Leeds what it really means to be edgy

Finally, a dictionary definition


Every uni in the UK has it's stereotypes, Durham has its rah rah Oxbridge rejects, Bristol is the hub of Redstripe and ket, and of course, Manchester is the Btec Leeds. The number one stereotype of Leeds is it's overtly 'edgy' students constantly scrolling through depop and buying out the local Urban Outfitters. But what does it really mean to be 'edgy'? To find the answer to this age old question, we asked a number of students from the edgiest uni around.

Alex, Second Year, Computer Science

"Escaping the confines of a painfully normal middle class lifestyle to pretend to be at least mildly interesting".

Katie, Second Year, Computer Science

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"Being edgy 101: only wear "vintage" clothes, live for those super edgy beaverworks nights and spend more money on glitter than food. You have to be so different that you stand out from every other "edgy leeds" person who looks exactly like you".

Axel, Second Year, International Relations

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"I'm too edgy to know".

Abbey, 2nd Year, Sociology

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"A try hard dick".

Antoine, 2nd Year, Mechanical Engineering

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"Edgy for me is a way of life. It's about wearing some Adidas sweatshirt and glitter to church on a night out. Going to the vintage clothes selling in front of the union and wearing second hand clothes coming from the 80's looking like the kids from stranger things. Edgy is a way to try to be on the edge as well as try to fit in. That's what I mean to be edgy leeds."

Ryan, Second Year, Law

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"Well its now less about what you're actually like as a person or what music you listen to or clubs you go to, if you wear generic clothes you see around uni, you're generally considered edgy".

Harry, Second Year, Classics

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"Because 'edgy'™ is pretty much a meme at this point in that it's about not really giving a shit, its more about being self aware enough to clock when you're /actively/ trying to not give a shit, and thus giving a shit in the process ahaha".

So I guess if you wear the waviest garms you can find, or raid your mums closet from the 90s, you will be confirmed edgy Leeds. Alternatively, you could just wear whatever you want, edginess comes naturally folks.