There was an anti-abortion protest outside the Parkinson building that had more opposition than support

They compared abortion to slavery

Protesters gathered today opposite the Parkinson building to counter an anti-abortion demonstration by pro-life organisation Abort67. The anti-abortion group had set up two large placards comparing abortion to slavery – the images were captioned "#ourblindspot then" and "#ourblindspot now" – and are fighting for a reversal of the 1967 Abortion Act.

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A Facebook event invited anti-anti-abortion protesters to gather at the scene, and when The Tab went down to investigate, many were debating with those from Abort67. One older woman held a sign stating, "I've had an abortion, ask me about it", while a student's placard featured an arrow and the text, "what a weird hobby".

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This year has marked the fiftieth anniversary of the legalisation of abortion in England, Scotland and Wales. In Northern Ireland, there are strict circumstances under which an abortion can be legal; it is estimated that around seven hundred Northern Irish women travel to England, Scotland and Wales for abortions every year.

Protests like this, which see more opposition than support, seem to be proof that the future is pro-choice.