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How to get into Berghain, by someone who’s actually been

Everything you heard is true


No club is more infamous than the jewel of Berlin's crazy club culture. The grim-looking concrete block is the home of many urban legends about the scary looking bouncer Sven Marquardt, the ice cream parlor and darkroom orgies – and everything you heard is true.

Erasmus students and couch surfers worldwide will tell you about their crazy time in the techno institution or how they waited in line for two hours just to get rejected. I've lived in Berlin for years and I can tell you that if you really want to get in, you can. Among locals, it's not a secret that getting into Berghain is not that hard as long as you are committed to going all the way.

Go easy on the alcohol

The first thing you should do is forget everything you know about partying. The party culture in the UK is completely different from the one in Germany. You may still get into UK clubs when you're already totally pissed but being absolutely drunk is a big no-no in Berlin. Remember this is Berghain, not Fruity.

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Dress edgy af

Getting checked by a bouncer is a bit like being swiped on Tinder – the only thing that matters is your appearance. The easiest rule to remember is to go crazy with your outfit. A colourful vintage tracksuits pared with super chunky boots like Buffalos might be a good starting point. If you're more into wearing black, like the average Berlin hipster, combine your outfit with BDSM inspired accessories like chokers and harnesses for a classic Berghain look.

Coloured hair and tattoos are always a plus.

… or go naked

Your wardrobe doesn't contain super edgy pieces? Not to worry. Another great strategy to get into the iconic techno mecca is to wear as little clothes as possible. (Finally, something that British girls know how to do, yay) Put on a slip, tape some Xs on your nips, throw on a see-through shirt, and you're good to go. Also, in Germany, it is absolutely acceptable to wear a jacket on a night out. You don't wanna freeze to death before you actually get in, right? Then wear a fucking coat.

Don't give a f***

Imagine you go to Berlin for a city trip, get dressed for Berghain and you are waiting in line just being so super excited, right? NO.

If you want the bouncers to let you in you should always act like you don't even wanna go in. Just act like you couldn't care less and don't speak to the doorman – he will speak to you. This is essential if you don't want everyone to know it is your first time. And never ever say thank you when they let you in.

Get there late

No respectable person shows up at Berghain before 1 in the morning on Sunday (it opens at midnight on Saturday). Prime time is at around 2 or 3am so be prepared to wait in line for one or maybe even two hours. But don't worry once you're in you can stay until Monday morning if you dare.

While you fill the time until Monday morning, don't take any pictures or videos, like this person did. He got some angry YouTube comments, less than a minute of grainy footage, but at least everyone else got a glimpse of what it's actually like.

Oh and one last tip: If you choose to have sex in the hidden dark room, make sure you don't lose your wallet. Going back in there and searching for something that small in a room full of naked people is not fun, I've heard.