Stop what you’re doing, Common Ground is selling festive drinks and they’re just as good as Starbucks

Watch out Costa and Starbucks, LUU is coming for you

If there's ever an indication that we're nearing the season of joy, it's a Christmas menu. With every pumpkin spice latte consumed, we're a step closer to the festive period and all that it entails. So I went down to the Common Ground (in the union) and tried out some of their Winter Warmer drinks. I know, how selfless of me. How did it compare to Starbucks? Costa? Well sit down, because you're in for a sweet ride, like literally.

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Look at that festive joy

I'm no stranger to the world of syrups and all things limited edition, but there are some flavour combinations on this menu that I never would've seen coming. If you're like me, when you think of the student union, you think convenience food that'll prep you for a long afternoon of procastination in Eddy B. As I sit here typing this, sipping a 'Chocolate Peanut Butter Latte' that literally tastes like a Reeses peanut butter cup, I'm starting to change my mind.

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That whipped cream tho

Here's the thing about Starbucks and Costa; beyond the brand, it's just coffee. Add a few syrup shots and voila, they can call it a Christmas spectacular. But why can't the union recreate that to the same standard? Well, actually they can, and they have.

Here's what they've got going down at the Common Ground:

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Salted peanut butter hot chocolate

Turmeric white hot chocolate

In case you're like me and have no clue with that one, turmeric is a spice. Thanks Google.

Gingernut latte

Mince pie latte

Spiced pumpkin latte

Chocolate peanut butter latte

Praline mocha

Marshmallow mocha


Posted by Starbucks on Tuesday, September 5, 2017

They may not have specially designed Christmas cups like in the chains, but some of the drinks are exactly the same as their equivalents (pumpkin lattes galore.) This way you don't even have to walk into town to get a classy festive beverage. It is a little pricey to be getting one in between every lecture, with the cheapest on the menu being a heavy £4, but its Christmas. And it's our union. And that's worth investing in, right?