Leeds’ rowing club has released a naked calendar and it is HOT

‘We had the odd nip and ball slip’

This year the University of Leeds’ rowing club have created saucy calendar to raise money for Yorkshire Cancer Research, proving that they’re not only gorgeous athletes but generous gorgeous athletes. Beth, their women senior captain, recalls what it was like posing for it, make sure to keep a look out for her in some of the pictures.

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How did you feel whilst posing for it?

It was pretty weird at first because we're so used to seeing other rowers head-to-toe in kit. The person that shot the shoot for us, Will Jarvis, is used to taking pictures of us in action on the water for our promotional stuff so it was a bit of a shock for him too!

We had the odd nip and ball slip that our poor camera man spent hours trying to photoshop out.

Was there any awkward moments?

There's a construction site not far from the boat house so we had quite an audience throughout the whole shoot, people were literally stopping their cars to take a look.

The most awkward part of the shoot was when all the girls were sitting fully naked on the rowing machines (which look onto the canal through a huge panoramic window) posing for a picture and a canal boat driven by an innocent looking elderly couple floated by. Our clothes weren't in reaching distance so we just had to sit there naked as they went by. Thankfully they saw the funny side but I felt so bad that they had to see it.

Would you do it again?

We'd definitely do it again, it was a great laugh and a slightly weird way of bonding as a club. Naked calendars are a great way to raise some money and awareness for our charity and also to encourage students to be confident in their own skin.

Image may contain: Swimwear, Maillot, Bikini, Human, Person, People

There's more cheeky pics where these came from; in their calendar that will be available next week on the rowing club's union page. It's not everyday that you can simultaneously admire rowers whilst feeling charitable.