All the themes your social sec should be doing but aren’t

Unimaginative? Done disney for the 8th year running? Got you covered boo

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So your social sec can down more pints than anyone, has basically been voted the most fun in the club yet they keep pulling the same social every year, hit them up with this boo.

This is enough socials to keep you going for years, they'll embarrass freshers, make seniors look chill af and generally kill the club pics.

You can get us a VK later…

White T shirt

A total classic for one of your first few socials. Freshers should probably just give up on going to lectures the next day though, unless you want to explain to your tutor why you have a knob on your forehead.

Cheerleader and Jock

Give me a V!! Give me a K!! VK!!


I only run in slow mo anyway.

can't actually swim either

can't actually swim either

Togas and a 'Grape' Time

Get your seniors in the finest bed sheets wilkos offer and get your freshers to buy 10 Balloons to become your bunch of grapes… maybe get them to bring the wine as well…

not wine-ing at all

not wine-ing at all

Tight and Bright

You wont lose each other in Pryzm and you get to enjoy having a permanent day glow face paint tattoo (legit it stains you for life).

Super Hero

Edna Mode says no capes but fuck her.

Under the Sea

You don't even need to buy a costume, just roll in glitter and call yourself a mermaid.


A social guaranteed to get someone back to your cave.


Grab your kilt, any left over blue paint and underwear (unless you want to go full native).


You'll promote love and peace at this social and help all the crying girls in the bathroom with your flower power love.


Finally you can wear your spanks and sweatbands in peace and not be ridiculed like always.


Basically dress like a typical Leeds Uni of student who has just discovered vintage clothing and chokers.

Vampires and Pumpkins

Seniors get to look chill as Vamps and freshers can look like an Essex tanning booth malfunction. Win win really.

Mobsters and Lobsters


Back 2 School

Start the after christmas semester right and reuse your old school skirt. Also if you forget a tie just steal a rugby boys one in Pryzm.

Librarians and Barbarians

You know the drill, seniors one, freshers another.

Angels and Devils

Even if you're an angel you'll look hot as hell.


Bet you make someone who is scared of clowns cry with this.


At least you'll be able to tell when someone's gotten with one of your mates, on the account that they will be covered in blue paint.


At least you won't have to ask to borrow a tshirt to sleep in…


If you're an all girls social get your freshers to dress as Santa while you seniors get to look like christmas came early as Mrs Clause… all guys social get your fresher boys as a cheeky Mrs Clause instead. Mixed socials just get freshers as your little elf helpers. Obviously freshers presents to you this year is buying you a round or five.


Just take out shares in glitter already ffs.

mily cyrus would be so proud #spacebuns

mily cyrus would be so proud #spacebuns

The Animal Kingdom

Switch it up and have four teams of mammals, birds, reptiles and sea creatures to stop it being non-stop sexy zebras.


Wanna see my handcuffs?


Get ready for downing everything at nineteen hundred hours sharp.


Why arrghhhhn't you doing this social right now?

Players Night

All you need is your kit and to have won your game.

The Hunt

Seniors are the fox hunters and ten points if you can guess what freshers are… Freshers have to outdrink the seniors or they get caught.

Top of the Pops

Dress as the iconic music stars we know and love. I'll buy a drink for anyone who goes as 2007 Britney.

Harry Potter

Someone will steal your broom.

Old People (with a twist)

Get out the talcum powder and just cover yourself in it to get the pearly grey you desire. The twist is you swap so the guys are little old dears and the girls are pipe smoking old men called walter.

Young people are the worst margaret

Young people are the worst margaret

Around the World

Golf Hoes and Tennis Pros

Plot twist the guys are the golf hoes and ya girls are the tennis pros.

Saints and Sinners

We're all a saint until jaga bombs get involved and the habits come off.

Prisoners and Guards

Freshers can be your prisoner for the night, don't forget to zip tie them to a pint.

Wheres Wally

Cheap af and you can have annoying instas with captions like "Found wally!!"


Show off your dismal ability to finish even half a stein (ps womens costumes are cheaper than men..).

Royalty and Peasant

Let them eat motherfkin cake.

Gladiators and Lions

Slay ya freshers and ya pints.

Farmers and Pigs/Chickens/Cows

Good one for that oh so special night every sports team definitely doesn't have.

Fishermen and Sea Creatures

Extra points if you bring a trident.