The top 10 places in Leeds you should be drinking if you want to see a doggo

The happiest pint you’ll ever drink

Two of the greatest pleasures in life are petting adorable floppy eared doggos and getting bevved with your pals. So to make life easier and combine the two, we've compiled a list of places which understand the struggle of wanting to cuddle that Labrador whilst sipping on pint of Dark Fruits.

These establishments allow the doggos of Leeds to stroll through their doors and serve you alcohol at the same time. So if you’re in desperate need of some puppy love, here are the top ten places in Leeds where you should be getting bevved.

Water Lane Boathouse

‘Dog friendly’ doesn’t seem to be a sufficient description of Water Lane Boathouse’s approach to doggos. They are so in love with the canines of Leeds they have water and snacks ready and waiting and the staff are said to welcome any cuddles from the four legged friends. Perhaps most importantly though, they have their very own Instagram page dedicated to pictures of happy faced pooches enjoying their weekly pint, named quite appropriately, the“Water Lane Doghouse”.

DogHouse Bar and record store

Perhaps for the more musically inclined puppers, DogHouse stays true to its name and welcomes all dogs into the bar. This includes the owners very own pooch, who is said to spend an awful lot of time there making friends with humans and canines alike.

Outlaws Yacht Club

Don’t worry, neither the people nor the pooches who frequent this bar are required to own or drive a yacht, that might make parking a little difficult and driving a little hazardous. But Outlaws Yacht Club has food, alcohol, guest DJ’s and is very dog friendly. Known to serve brilliant cocktails and encouraging drinking games, they’ll never be a dull moment with a night in this place.


Located in the heart of town just behind Trinity, Bundobust not only actively encourages doggos of all shapes and sizes to join you for a pint, it also offers Indian street food to accompany your craft beer. Although it’s not the cheapest alcohol you’ll find with Rosè at £5 a glass, they go above and beyond to make all pooches feel very welcome so you’ll definitely meet some of the best around.


Yes, it’s the dream, wine and cute doggos galore. Wino, as clued by the name, specialises in wine and charcuterie boards if you feel like being a little more classy. They of course are also very dog friendly, often providing your pooch with toys to play with provided they’re well behaved.

North Bar

North Bar is much less of a trek from uni and offers a huge array of alcoholic bevs to try with over 50 whiskies, a huge selection of gins and rums and an array of rare beers. This place unlike a few others on this list has much more of a bar type feel rather than a pub and is open until 1am. So maybe you’ll find a golden retriever tearing up the dancefloor with a craft beer in paw.

The Adelphi

Decorated with a Victorian theme, if you’re looking for some hearty pub food and a spaniel curled up on your knee this is the place to go. As long as you’re willing to make the trek down past the river for your pups.

Belgrave Music Hall

It’s hard to pin point exactly what this place offers as it hosts pretty much anything and everything. As well as having two bars and a rooftop terrace providing you and your pooch with fantastic views, it also hosts gigs, film and art evenings and stand up comedy. So if you’re looking for an artsy, edgy Leeds dog this might be your venue.

A Nation of Shopkeepers

Ideal for a sunny day out chilling in the courtyard with some furry friends. As long as the dogs don’t get too rowdy after one too many pints and go near the kitchen then the more the merrier is generally their pooch policy.

They also decorate with a copious amount of fairy lights, giving you all the more reason to visit.


There are 2 Brewdogs in Leeds and both are relatively central to town. It is a chain bar but they still allow dogs to come in for a bowl of water and a snooze whilst you enjoy a Scottish craft beer which is their specialty. You’re in for a cosy and hopefully fluff filled evening at this one.

So whether you’re looking for a place to share a pint with your very own pooch or you just want a furry friend to accompany the sesh, these 10 places will definitely serve you well.

*PSA: ask permission before petting any puppers who do not belong to you*