Last year’s Leeds freshers tell us their best and worst Freshers’ Week decisions

‘Falling in love with the first person I slept with’

Fresher's Week is nearly here, and I can pretty much guarantee all the new freshers are anxiously getting last minute things for uni, and bulk buying Strongbow and vodka – although you're in Leeds, c'mon, it's Red Stripe or go home.

Go hard or go home, get loose and wavey, find your new fave drug dealer (there is loads to choose from around here after all), but be wary. You're over excited and naive, in a new place far from home – you're bound to make some questionable decisions, only to regret them a week later. Or a day later. Or ten minutes later if that decision involves 5 chilli shots in Rev's (yes this happened to me, no I don't recommend it).

We spoke to last years freshers to find out their best moments, and worst decisions. Use these as a guide, and you should make it though freshers in one piece.

Just don't go to Space. Ever.

Serena, English Lit

High point: Making the decision to meet as many different people as possible and really going out of my way to meet up with new people; I'm not usually the most confident person, but stepping out my comfort zone and putting myself in situations where I could meet and chat to loads of other freshers was how I met some people I'd now consider my best friends.

Worst decision: Falling half in love with the first person I slept with.

Stephanie, History and English

Best decision: buying soothers and cold and flu medicine because the week after I had a cold for a month

Worst decision: I panicked and bought a load of expensive course books that I thought I needed but never even opened them

Katie, English Lit

Best decision: Freshers week was so awful I'm not sure there was a best decision.

Worst decision: Basically I arrived the day after everyone else pretty much and the night before everyone in like the surrounding flats and my flat went out and got turned away at the door cause the queues were so long and they had arrived kinda late so it was past last entry and so half of them just went back to halls and the other half went to space (lol) and basically nobody had a good night so after that they were like determined to actually get in the next night. Anyway they messaged the group chat like everyone buy tickets for this canal mills event and because they were all so anxious about getting into the club we left our halls at like 10 and nobody legit nobody was drunk so we were all just standing around in canal mills sober for like an hour and when it started to get busy n the party started to kick off a bit most of us were too tired to function so we just went home. The night after we actually got it right n I think we went to hifi but one of my friends pre'd too hard n didn't say anything but couldn't hold it in anymore wen we got to the club so legit just threw up all over the sofas in hifi so we got kicked out.

Sally, Spanish and Italian

Best decision: Not going to any of the freshers wristband events.

Worst decision: Thinking it was a good idea after only have lived in Leeds for 3 days that I could walk back to James Baillie from canal Mills without Google maps.

Natalie, English and Japanese

Best decision: Not giving into the pressure of needing to hook up with everyone, cause people tend to think that freshers week is the place to get really wild.

Worst decision: Spending lots of money on things that i never really needed. i bought many tickets for events that i never went to because i didn't realise how hectic it would get, and it was physically impossible to go to all of them. probably should've planned it out.

Meg, English and Creative Writing

Best decision: Going to an animal party where literally everyone dressed up and they just played pure pop hits all night, it was so trashy but that's what made it so fun. It was just what you what expect from a freshers pop party, so even if you think you are too cool for it then deffo give it a go.

Worst decision: Drinking too much wine at my uni induction evening where you literally see your lecturers for the first time. The wine was free though, in my defence.

George, English lit

Best decision: Going out every night and going to my first fruity.

Worst decision: There are no bad decisions in freshers.

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