We worked out how much Freshers’ Week at Leeds is really going to cost you

Glitter doesn’t come cheap you know

Everyone knows the best thing about uni is Freshers' Week. You're finally free from A-Levels, your parents, and pretty much any stress (cos everyone knows first year doesn't count), and the best way to celebrate this is to get absolutely wankered at pres, spend a few hours in a club getting even more pissed, stumbling home with a greasy pizza, and waking up in someone else's bed. And then repeating that all the very next day. But when just the booze alone for Freshers' Week can set you back at least £50, how much is all this celebrating actually gonna cost you? Lucky for you, we worked it out. And although you're not going to be stressing about work, you're almost definitely going to stressing about the level of your bank account.

Unless you got really unlucky your rent will cost you a fortune

Basically unless you live in Lupton (and if you do then I am so sorry, you poor thing) your rent will be over £100 a week. And I can pretty much guarantee you applied for Central Village or Charles Morris cos, let's face it, they're the best ones on location alone, which means you're paying at least £134 a week. That's £268 just for somewhere to sleep off your hangover while Freshers' is going on.

Don't forget you'll need a hippie wall hanging

Don't forget you'll need a hippie wall hanging

Start hooking up with a promoter to avoid paying for club tickets

Promoters are the most annoying people you'll face during Freshers', trust me, but even they can come in handy every once in a while. Start hooking up with one, and the free tickets will come flooding in. And if your blow job game is up to scratch, chances are he'll be throwing enough free tickets at you, you'll have enough for all your mates and you'll be able to sell some on Facebook too. So I guess it's time to get working on your Tinder profile.

Set aside a few hundred quid for your wavey garms fund

Leeds is famous for it's wavey garms, but these outfits don't come cheap. Sure, you can pick up half your stuff in vintage stores if you know where to look, but an entire wardrobe overhaul won't come cheap. Glitter alone will set you back £50. But what else is student finance for right?

Don't forget your costumes or the fancy dress parties

Every single Freshers' event thinks its "cool" by adding a fancy dress option. Because these events are created by people who left uni at least 5 years ago and have no idea how traumatising it can be to try and find 14 different fancy dress costumes to last you the whole of Freshers'. But it can be fun, and kinda bonding to get ready with your new flatmates, go in a joint costume, borrow each others clothes cos you couldn't find your own outfit in time, etc, etc. It catapults you through those first super awkward stages of meeting new people (especially when you live together), it just won't be nice to your bank account. Even if you exclusively shop in Primark, you're probably looking at a tenner a costume. That's £140 if you go out every night in Freshers', just on clothes.

Drinks for pres don't come cheap

No one wants to get the reputation for teh cheap skate, drinking £3 red wine that stains your teeth red – no matter how drunk it gets you. And no one knows you yet, so you're still trying to maintain that "I'm so sauve and cool, everybody wants to be my mate" kinda vibe that every fresher seems to have. Spoiler: it won't last. But while it does, accept the fact that you'll be drinking Jack Daniels and Absolut, maybe even Prosecco if you're a Charles Morris wanker. Don't worry, you'll soon learn that in Leeds, you drink Red Stripe or you go home.

Every single meal will come from Crispy's

Cripsy's is a Leeds student's holy land. It's our shining beacon of home after a night at Fruity's, or Warehouse or – god forbid – Space. Sure, you could get Maccies or KFC much closer to home, but it's just not the same as chips, cheese, and gravy from the one and only Crispy's. Go anywhere else for your drunk takeaway, and it's a betrayal. You've been warned.

You'll definitely need to join a gym to lose that extra Freshers' weight

Lucky for you, Edge gym membership is included in all Leeds uni student accommodation. Well, the basic package is. But if you're unlucky enough to live somewhere else, or you want to upgrade so you can actually use the gym during regular daylight hours, it's gonna set you back by about £27 a month. But it's worth it to get that smoking hot summer body, I promise.

So how much does the average Freshers' Week cost? Well, seeing as at Leeds we have two weeks, you're probably looking at about £700. But you're coming to one of the best unis in the country, so what else did you expect? Just maybe start looking for a job, cos I don't think even the maximum student finance could cover that comfortably.

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