Everything you should know about Leeds that wasn’t in the prospectus

The stuff you actually need to know

Universities like to tell you all the boring details about why studying there is great. They boast about statistics, fancy buildings and career prospects. They never tell you what it's really like to be a student. So here at The Tab Leeds we've created a guide of the stuff you actually need to know about Leeds, that the university forgot to tell you.

Glitter is the only accessory you need

If you don't glitter up your outfit is basically redundant. You can put on a pair of scruffy trainers, and a bomber jacket and all you need to complete your edgy Leeds look for a night out is glitter. It's basically the dress code for Canal Mills and Beaverworks. You'll probably wake up with glitter in your bed, but in your hungover state you'll still be looking ??

You'll never get a seat in the library

The libraries may be all shiny and fancy, but that doesn't mean there's enough seats for everyone. Don't even bother trying, your attempts will be in vain. Just make sure you're not that guy that reserves a seat, and then doesn't return for hours. They are the lowest of the low. The worst people in existence.

So much stuff, but so few people

So much stuff, but so few people

Plus you're in your first year, what you do doesn't count so you shouldn't even be in the library in the first place. In fact the only library you should be in is the Library pub around the corner.

Varsity is more about shouting abuse at Beckett than it is about sport

We never win

We never win

Once a year the University of Leeds comes head to head with Leeds Beckett in a day of sporting competitions, culminating in a rugby match in Headingley. For Uni fans, it's less about the sport and more about hurling abuse at Beckett fans, expect the usual chants of "Your dad works for my dad" and the general chant of "Unay, unay". There's also the occasional streaker, who normally gets tackled by a Beckett player because they actually take it seriously (which is probably why they always win).

You'll definitely get lost on campus

Everyone does, but there is one building that is the bane of every fresher's life. The staircase to hell that is.. Roger Stevens.

I don't know who Roger Stevens in but he must've sinned in his past life to get this building

I don't know who Roger Stevens in but he must've sinned in his past life to get this building

The lecture theatres are numbered in the most ridiculous way imaginable, there is no order to it. It is simply a fact you will have to face that you will arrive late to all lectures you have in here. Good luck getting in to lectures when you arrive late, the doors are on each row of seats not at the front, and people don't move across.

Oh and dont get me started on how they number the levels on the buildings, let's just say some Ground floors are Level 10 and let's leave it at that.

Fruity is the only place to be on a Friday night

Forget going to Warehouse it's too packed you'll spill your drink as soon as you buy it, and you really wouldn't want to step foot in Space. As for the edgy nights at Canal Mills or Beaverworks, they're too expensive for your student budget.

Grab your mate and be prepared to blurt out Mr Brightside

Grab your mate and be prepared to blurt out Mr Brightside

No, the only place you want to be is Fruity. The home of cheesy pop and throwbacks, think primary school disco but the Panda Pops have been replaced by VK's (I swear the flavours are the same anyway). Don't believe anyone who says they don't like it, and if they insist they can't be your friends.

Plus it's at the Student Union which means it's within walking distance of most accommodations, so you can spend that taxi fare on more drinks.

Forget your drunken maccies, Flames is you're true saviour

The stagger home from Fruity must include a stop off at Flames. It's basically a rite of passage for all Leeds students. There's no shortage of late night takeaways, Dixy Chicken, Zulfi's and Crispy's are the only way of fending off that hangover. You'll thank yourself later, even if you order your body weight in fried chicken.

No one ever properly completes an Otley Run

The infamous Leeds bar crawl, starting at Headingley and finishing somewhere in town or inevitably Fruity. Anyone who claims to have completed it is probably lying to you, few people make it to the end, without skipping a drink.

Some are even forced to skip a pub because the "pub is too full" according to some bouncers, or body paint isn't allowed. Even if you're off to a good start, the walk from the end of Headingley to the next pub probably won't make you feel better, but worse as the alcohol starts to kick in.