Everything that makes a Leeds student tingle with excitement

Don’t even mention Crispy’s

Flirting with the bar tender in Terrace to get stronger cocktails

Then using the exact same lines in Fruity to rescue the endangered species of salt and lime. We all know that they have a secret supply prepped and ready for the lucky few. They have deprived me of actual Tequila Slammers for too long, flirting is the only way forward.

If flirting fails, grab a Jagerbomb.

If flirting fails, grab a Jagerbomb.

When you hit your tenth hour in Eddy B

You know the drill, you're sat with several empty Red Bull cans, reduced Essentials muffins – the ones with stale jam in the middle – because you can't afford anything full price (except the energy drinks obviously) and then bae walks in with Flames pizza and double cheesy chips.

The stench of greasy pizza is too much for everyone around you, they flee, leaving the entire floor empty for a Flames date with bae. Perfection.

Plus, you kind of get a kick out of being able to brag to all your mates that you were in the library "for ten whole hours, I can't even deal, it was the worst". Because everyone knows that exam season is really just a competition for who can stay in the library the longest. Who really cares if you only spent about 20 minutes actually working?

BEWARE of the library food patrol.

BEWARE of the library food patrol.

Wearing lingerie on nights out without the 'Oh G I think that's a bit too sket'

Jeans and a nice top is so Birmingham.

We like jeans and an Ann summers body or if we're feeling a bit more conservative, the holy grail Primark bralette. If you don't have at least four Primark bralettes do you even go to Leeds.

All the weird shit that happens in the SU and everyone walks past in culottes like it's fucking normal

Group yoga on the grass? No probs.

Those overly happy belly dancers that obstruct your path to the Terrace lunch deal? Just Leeds innit.

That "art" display next to Clothworkers, you know the one that resembled a spider web/ looked like some kids had thrown string into the flower beds? Yeah, apparently that's normal.

Going to Roundhay because you're too classy for Hyde Park

Fairly sure the grass in Hyde Park is 70% weed, 30% Red Stripe.

Scraping your greasy hair into space buns, whacking some glitter in there and captioning it 'Pinterest Goals.'

When really, you don't have time to sleep, let alone wash your hair. Besides, add some glitter to those cheek bones and girl, you're ready for Canal Mills right after lectures.

Four words: ruby boys in Warehouse

Booking the biggest group room on the 8th floor of Eddy Bae for two people

You blast the tunes, play with the room temp control and snapchat the entire experience. Meanwhile the PhD foreign students, who have actual group projects to do, bitch about you from behind the glass. But you're too hungover to care.

Going on the adventure of a lifetime to find the toilets in Fruity

Seriously, how many stairs and left turns does a girl have to take to stand in a queue for another half hour?

Top Tip: if you complement enough girls on their H&M bodysuit and Velvet Teddy Mac lipstick, you can easily jump the queue. If they're really bitchy though, just drop the "my boyfriend is flirting with another girl" and you'll be shoved into one cubicle with two friends holding seven VKs in no time.

Otley Runs

Tbh, they make my bank account "tingle" with fear.

Spending insane amounts on event tickets

And then losing so much dollar because Canal Mills decides to close just when Bakermat is supposed to perform. I'm totally over that missing £30. Not spiteful at all… I could have bought so many H&M bodysuits with that money.

Belgrave – the land of incredible pizza and extortionate drinks

Also involves braving the outside world where scary children and real adults roam about.

For all the Leodis babies – shout out to Francis

The one who never judges us no matter how loud we blast Skepta or how many times we steal traffic cones and lose our keys. Francis will always love us.

Complaining you're broke 24/7 then going for brunch weekly

It's either LS6 french toast or if you're feeling spendy, you'll trek to Laynes by the Station for pancakes that say "I have my life together" when clearly you do not have your shit together. After all, you're sat there with last night's glitter and TopShop mom jeans that skipped 'distressed' and went straight to "you need some new jeans hunny".

But hey, at least your parents are proud of you.

Photos by Daniel Watson