Everything single thing you’ve felt watching Love Island this year

Love, laughter, and probably some second hand embarrassment


That time of year has come where we all eagerly await 9pm everyday for our hour long dosage of mugging off, grafting, cracking on and of course, dick sand. Love Island has not only introduced us to a whole new vocabulary, slowly but surely making its way into everyday use, it’s also made us laugh, cry, and tweet abuse at certain members of the cast *cough cough* Johnny.

Here’s just a few of the thoughts and feelings many of us have felt so far this season.

Feeling far too comforted by the ITV “come on in” slogan when you switch on for an Island catch up

And realising that this could most definitely be a vulgar innuendo given the content of show you’re about to watch…

Getting so hyped by the dramatic soundtrack of the “previously on Love Island” as if you’re about to enter a boxing match

It’s finally 9pm and you hear Stormzy belting from Mallorca with a dramatic “TONIGHT” and you know to strap yourself in for another drama filled hour.

or The Prodigy, whichever fits the mood.

Or The Prodigy, whichever fits the mood.

Feeling overly satisfied when your exact sarcastic comment is aired by the commentator

He seems to know everything that we’re thinking, just with a little bit more punniness.

or when he states the painfully obvious

Or when he states the painfully obvious

Desperately wanting Chris and Kem to couple up and win the show

Showering together, stroking eachothers’ hair, and making sweet music together; we can only be talking about Chris and Kem, the most beautiful romance in the villa.

Wondering why every boy on here seems to resemble either a Ken doll or the Hulk

And possibly questioning your sexuality when you struggle to find any of them that fit.

Uncomfortably watching the sex montages whilst your mum is also watching and hoping the ground will swallow you whole, right then and there

The sarcastic commentary doesn’t make it much better either, or “Mr Lova Lova” playing in the background.

In fact, nervously rushing to make a cuppa at any mention of the hideaway whilst watching with the fam

Its just not worth the awkward silence

definitely not…

Definitely not…

Thinking Chris was fit, then hating him when his ego grew bigger than the villa, then starting to like him and hating yourself for it a little bit, then finally telling everyone that he’s your favourite boy.

Lets just all ignore his dickhead behaviour at the beginning, he’s a changed man now and we adore his shitty puns. He’s also, in the words of Liv, very VERY fit and we have all fallen into his dicksand.

Wanting to couple up with Montana and her witty dry humour (and great bum)

If none of the other islanders want her, I’ll definitely volunteer as tribute.

(they probably didn't wait)

(they probably didn’t wait)

Wondering how the Islanders literally do nothing but sit in bikinis all day and somehow come out with no sunburn whatsoever, this is massively un-British of them

If I was out there I’d look like a red potato by day 2.

Realising that all the boys wear the exact same white ripped jeans green t-shirt and loafers combo and wondering if they’ve acknowledged it yet

I mean out of all the clothes they own they couldn’t have even picked a different colour t-shirt? I think this outfit clashing was very much planned.

boyband of the year?

Boyband of the year?

Quietly contemplating purchasing your own water bottle with your name on

It’ll look great in that insta post of you laying next to a pool in Spain

£16.99 for postage and packaging tho….

£16.99 for postage and packaging tho.

Learning actual life lessons from Camilla

And finding yourself asking “what would Camilla do” on a daily basis.

not to mention having your heartbroken when she cried for 2 epsiodes

Not to mention having your heartbroken when she cried for 2 episodes

Finding yourself accidentally embracing the Love Island lingo

And explaining how you “cracked on” with a guy last weekend and now you feel “muggy” because he wasn’t even “your type on paper” so now you feel like an absolute “melt” and might have to “pie him off”

And of course, a lot of sadness when the episode comes to an end