Leeds is the man bun capital of the UK

An absolutely shocking turn of events

According to a recent study, Leeds is the man bun capital of the UK, closely followed by London and then Glasgow. It found that a fifth of men in Leeds have attempted the hairstyle. Southampton and Liverpool complete the top five, while those living in Edinburgh, Sheffield, Birmingham, Liverpool and Bristol feature in the top ten.

Celebrities like David Beckham, Kit Harrington, Harry Styles, Orlando Bloom and Russell Brand were found to be admired for their ability to pull off the hairstyle.However, celebrities like Justin Bieber, Bradley Cooper, Jake Gyllenhaal, Andrew Garfield and Joaquin Phoenix were notable for failing to make it work.

The most common reasons for leaving man buns to celebrities include not liking the style (44 per cent) and not wanting to look too feminine (28 per cent). A further 38 per cent of men don’t have enough hair for a man bun, while 17 per cent would worry about being taken seriously by others.

A spokesman for Mattel, which conducted the study to celebrate the launch of the Barbie brands diverse new range of Ken dolls, including an on-trend new man bun Ken, said: “Man buns are one of the most fun male hair trends we’ve seen in years, and we are excited to offer a Ken doll that captures this look. The man bun is just one of 15 new looks for Ken, as the range expands to introduce two new body types – slim and broad – joining the original, new ethnicities and hairstyles including corn rows.”