I told guys on Tinder I loved them and this is how they reacted

‘Fuck off you nobber’


For most couples, saying “I love you” is a big step that takes a few months at least. Right? But what happens when you go to the least commitment-y place in the world, and tell guys you love them barely 10 minutes after meeting them. Well, I did exactly that, on Tinder of all places.

The uber confident (read: dickhead) personas people seem to embody when they’re hidden behind their phones means you can get to your point very quickly. And if you/they don’t like it? Just move on to the next match ready and waiting.

So, with Tinder being the go to app for many to release sexual frustration, I thought it would be interesting to see whether they’d still want to chat or even meet up once I had seemingly gotten a little too deep into our ‘relationship’ by confessing my love for them.

I was actually surprised. No matter how bizarre I seemed they mostly still seemed DTF. Wait, this is Tinder, maybe I’m not that surprised most of them still wanted a hook up. Whilst many chose to see my profession of love as sarcastic, others were just straight up confused but none of them were disheartened and still wanted to chat.

If anything, Tinder is a safe-haven for you to release all sarcasm and apparently any sexually suggestive gifs you may have collected; if you aren’t looking for someone to ‘smash and dash’, it can at least be an incredibly funny pastime.

Tinder birthing feminists one “I love you” at a time

This guy seemed to have more confidence in his (very cute) dog than himself

Thanks bby, hopefully see u at Przym sometime soon x

Sending over marital documents now xox

He’s just happy to hear those three little words. Oh, and it’s know* btw bbz

This guy seemed frighteningly serious, might have to go for drinks with him

We are now looking into finding the best schools in the neighbourhood for the baby on the way x

God loves a trier

I am super cute tbf

He did have a rather marvellous moustache

I wouldn’t want to go to a family dinner with this dude

Basically, “I Love You” seems to be a brilliant pulling tactic. Just as long as they don’t take you too seriously and run for the hills, of course.