All the reasons Space is the only place you want to be on a Friday night

It is both the best and the worst night out in Leeds

Space nightclub in Leeds (apparently its actually called The Space, I think this could be a Mandela Effect) has been described as “the second worst nightclub in Europe“. I am a strong believer in the controversial opinion that Space deserves some more gratitude for some of the trashiest, most interesting (strange) nights out I’ve had.

No photoshop, genuine queue for Space

It’s full of Beckett boys, or girls wanting to get with Beckett boys

The population of Space has been dubbed as “Beckett boys or girls wanting to get with Beckett boys”. Now, I can’t lie, my first experience of this labyrinth of club promoter lookalikes, toilets with a dubious sticky substances lacing the walls and girls proudly showing off their 90p jagerbombs (so they should) was due to it being the location of the birthday of a certain “Beckett boy” I was seeing. I was suspicious at first as when I mentioned going to Space the look of horror on my friends’ faces was something else, but I soldiered on anyway and managed to drag a few of them along too, most of which ended up having a fab night.

Desperately hoping more people will appear

The drinks are so cheap you end up wondering whether they’re legal

Space treads the line of “I may leave here with a disease whether that be sexually transmitted or not” and “I can drunkenly scream Beyonce at the top of my lungs with no shame, and oh look Gok Wan is DJing over there“. Not to mention the drinks are so cheap you wonder how the alcohol you’re drinking was sourced legally. If the drinks are still not cheap enough for you, I’m sure a gentleman with the short back and sides, jeans too tight for their legs to move uniform will be more than happy to buy you one. However, I’d get smashed enough beforehand so you can just about walk into this establishment as it’s better when blurry.

Embarrassed by your choice of club for a Friday night?

It’s crime ridden but the drinks are so cheap you don’t care

As you enter the slightly dodgy looking alley way, clutching your belongings, because this is the most crime ridden club in Leeds, don’t you know? You may have doubts, understandably, but as you hear the cringey bellows of Zara Larsson, your drunken mind will enable these doubts to melt away. Everyone here has made the same choice as you for the evening; there is no pressure to don glitter on your cheekbones or Adidas from head to toe, at Space you can do whatever you want with a severe lack of pretension (often hard to find in oh so ‘edgy leeds’).

Perfectly content with their choice of establishment and their dirt cheap mixers

Just try not to go to the toilets

The toilets in Space are always an experience, joint male and female bathrooms seemed like such a good idea, so progressive, but when put into practice in a nightclub it proves to cause some issues. I’ve seen a number of boys be screamed at by the toilet attendant for taking a step too far into the girls’ portion whilst some boys also seem to think this is a good tactic for pulling. You accidentally glance over to the male section and Josh studying Marketing feels the need to express either a false “why are you looking over here!!” with a smirk plastered across his face or the classic “you like what you see?” comment. No Josh, no I do not.

This could be you and Josh from Marketing

So hang up your pride and your £15 Beaver Works tickets and enjoy the sweet smell of sweat desperation and tropical VKs. Alternatively, just go there when your night turns to shit and you’ve got nowhere else to go.

Photos from The Space Facebook page