Third year business exam cancelled because the university forgot to print the case study

The exam had to be rearranged until this afternoon

Over 300 Leeds Business third years have been left confused and angry after their exam was cancelled last minute.

The Strategic Management exam worth 100 per cent of the module, which was supposed to be today at 9AM, was cancelled at 9.25AM because they hadn’t printed out six pages of case studies.

Students have been told the exam will be postponed until 3pm.

There were no lecturers from the module at the beginning of the exam to deal with the situation.

There was also another exam in the same room, who were also waiting to find out what was going on before they could start.

One student told us: “Some people are travelling or going home today because it was their last exam so it can’t be rescheduled. They even said it might be rescheduled for another exam period but people again might be away or have grad jobs waiting.”

The university have since apologised, they said in an email to the students: “We have been made aware of that an issue arose in the exam this morning that resulted in the exam being cancelled.

“The exam will be rearranged and we will be in touch as soon as we have the details about this.

“We apologise for any inconvenience and stress this may have caused.”