There’s now something called ‘gemstone food’, because that’s exactly what 2017 needs at this point

The end of the unicorn is upon us

2016 was well and truly the time for the unicorn. There was unicorn hair, unicorn nails, unicorn toast – Starbucks even released a “unicorn frappe” (which was disgusting, but let’s not go there). But after the disaster of that frappe, we all breathed a sigh of relief that the unicorn trend was well and truly dead. Sadly, the relief hasn’t lasted long: the new trend taking over is the “gemstone” and it all started with – can you guess? – toast. What else?

The very person who started the unicorn and mermaid food trends, Adeline Waugh, has created something that looks kinda pretty, and is very multicoloured – the gemstone toast. Still looks like way too much effort though, it’s probably easier – and healthier – to stick to avocado on toast. It’s called a classic for a reason.

But, toast is not the first thing to be “gemstoned”. There’s been a trend amongst wedding cakes for some time now, crystal manicures are getting their time in the spotlight, there’s even something called gemstone hair (although it’s not the hair trend of 2017, sadly.

super galactic space buns for my favorite ??✨ #spacebuns #purplehair #dontcare #honeyhousehair

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Still, it begs the question: could this finally be the end of the unicorn trend? The very same trend that birthed the “unicorn dildo” (which sounds fucking terrible), a lipstick made of “real unicorn tears” (I really doubt it), and even a unicorn bong. I really, really hope so. Because I don’t know about you, but I am so over the unicorn.

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