Jeremy Corbyn will be in the Brudenell Social Club this afternoon

The guy can’t get enough of Leeds

Jeremy Corbyn is bringing his campaign back to Leeds this afternoon, after only being in the city last Wednesday.

The Labour leader will be speaking to members of the public from 4pm, at the Brudenell Social Club in Hyde Park. Although the event is not exclusively for students, the venue is popular amongst students so it is likely he will tailor his speech to our demographic.

Jeremy Corbyn waves from a train

He’s back again

When he was in Leeds last week he spoke about his education policies, including reintroducing the Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA) for sixth formers. He also promised to bring back maintenance grants for University students. Labour also announced last week that it was planning to scrap tuition fees, which received mixed-reviews from some students.

A few weeks ago Theresa May was in Leeds, but despite trying to get people to vote for her she avoided interacting with the public. Which is an odd way to campaign.