60 per cent of students at Leeds will vote Labour in the general election

The Tab survey also shows that 23 per cent will vote Conservative

Despite their desperate pleas to be left in peace for literally one second, another general election has been foisted on the British people.

The upside of this is that election polling is officially back in vogue and with about a month to go, The Tab has conducted a nationwide survey to find out how students up and down the country are planning vote. Here are the results from Leeds.

Of the 606 students who took part in the survey, over 60 per cent say they plan to vote for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour, while 23 per cent intend to vote Team Theresa’s Tories. 12 per cent intend to vote for the Lib Dems and just over two per cent are voting for the Greens.

Out of all those surveyed, just three students said they intend to vote UKIP, while the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and Welsh Plaid Cymru received the support of only one student respectively.

Theresa May sits between three men

Only 23 per cent of students in Leeds said they were voting Conservative

Unsurprisingly, the results from the Leeds poll reflect a longstanding generational divide in this country, with students expected to vote overwhelmingly for the Labour Party, while their parents are more likely to vote for the Strong and Stable Fundamentalist Party formerly known as the Conservatives.

When asked what lay behind their voting intentions, 52 per cent of Leeds students said the most important thing was each party’s policies, while 15 per cent claimed they voted based on the parties themselves.

Six per cent of Leeds students said their decision was primarily informed by whether they favoured the party leaders, and 13 per cent of students admitted to voting for whoever  their parents supported.

In a sign that many voters are dissatisfied with the entire process (and who bloody isn’t?), 20 per cent of Leeds students claimed their decision was based on a lack of better options.

Commenting on the results of the survey, chair of Leeds Labour Students Josh Molloy said: “The Tories have done nothing for students and Leeds knows it. This clear-cut poll shows that Labour remains the natural home for students at our university”.

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