Leeds’ BNOC of the Year 2017: Round two

If you’re friends didn’t nominate you, are they really your friends?

It’s round two and the nominations just keep getting better and better. Have your say and get voting for who you think should be crowned the ultimate Big Name on Campus.

Moe Jason, Fresher, English and Theatre Studies

English and Theatre Studies fresher Moe’s nomination said that he is constantly attempting to know everyone and by doing so he landed himself  the position of Central Village President by default.

Any funny stories? On the first night of Freshers he got a tattoo that says “here for a good time not a long time” and that is the first thing he said to me.

Callum Simpson, Fresher, Sociology

The person who nominated Sociology fresher Callum said that he is “fucking hilarious , never misses a night out, smashes scenes”. Now that does sound like BNOC material. Any funny stories? “Ripped his banjo string”. Is that funny or painful? You decide.

Simon Stirling, Third year, Fine Art

According to the person who nominated him, Simon “basically runs school of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies knows all the staff and hangs out with them, runs the studio, mentors first years, runs the society, handles visiting lecturers, seems to know all the students in our school”.

Any funny stories? “He is always at every school event or student social etc and he always makes it lit because he gets hammered with everyone including staff.”

Samantha Abraham, Fresher, Fashion Design

The person who nominated Samantha said that she should be a BNOC because of the “sheer number of sex stories”. What they are will remain a mystery. Although the funniest things to have happened to Sam is that once a “drunk guy she saved from the street did his business in her en suite and covered it with a bath mat, she also had a guy stop over for sex and he escaped around the flat (in all of his nude glory) and got into a flatmate’s bed”.

Sam Andrews, Third year, Biological Sciences

When asked what makes Sam a BNOC, the person who nominated him simply said “bicep curls and pulling girls”. The funniest thing Sam has got up to is that “He once gave the cashier £1.50 when his drink was £1.60. The cashier didn’t realise so he saved a 10p. What a classic gag, brilliant!”

Callum Robinson, Fresher, Chemistry

According to his friends Callum is “a heartbreaker and a BNOC amongst the women of Leeds uni”. The funniest things to have ever happened to him? “Has had his shoes put in an oven by an ex lover, whilst in bed with the aforementioned lovers best friend, made girls cry after sex. He also took home the girl who won the dance off at bongos bingo, following an extremely sexy dance routine to ”my neck, my back’.”

Hannah Snutch, Second year, Film Photography and Media Studies

Hannah is a girl who lives for the sesh and is as wild as a lion on crack! Part of many on campus societies and will always be found with a shot in hand and a 20 McNugget share box .

Any funny stories? 2Last year she went to the after exams fruity event and got hit on the head by a flying VK bottle whilst slaying every verse of Eminem’s Without Me. Three shots and many funky dance moves later she gets hit in the head again but this time by a tall guys elbow but this time it pulls on the ear piercing she just got done that day causing it to bleed ridiculously. She was taken to the medic staff there at the time and ended up having to be taken to be taken away in an ambulance where she was told she had a concussion. It’s well known to be smashed at fruity to enjoy it but this was more than eventful”.

James Munn, Fourth year, Management with Marketing

James’ friends said “from representing the University at the House of Lords to setting up Relic Brewery – the worlds’ first to specialise in ancient alcoholic recipes – while on a Year in Enterprise, James has done a lot to promote entrepreneurship as an alternate option to the drudgery of a generic 9-5 graduate placement both as an entrepreneur himself and as President of the Enterprise Society. He is also working with Universities like Oxford and MIT on the global charity he founded to fix the fucked up education system we have at the moment.”

The funniest things to ever happen to James is “getting his arse temporarily tattooed to win a bet against somebody he would never see again. Crowd-surfing while a jazz band played an impromptu RATM cover in his basement at his 1920’s themed birthday party. “Rescuing” a robot mascot for the house after a night out. Being blindfolded with pants and dropped off in St Andrews and having to blag his way back to Leeds without money.”

Alex Flynn, Second year, Biochemistry

Alex’s friends said “DJing all over the Hyde Par house party circuit to doing LSR to debuting at Applebum, he’s also got a placement at GSK and smashes a high 1st on Biochem. Everyone everywhere knows Flynn and his academically educated disco vibes.”. The funniest thing Alex has ever done is that he “once managed to fit in three events, three house parties and a 9am booty call into one night, only to be seen three hours later polishing off some flash cards in Eddy B. The definition of having your shit together”.