Beckett Law grad who claimed he ‘attended’ Yale on CV fined £2,000

He also implied he had a degree from the University of Leeds

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A Leeds Beckett law graduate who claimed he “attended” Yale University on his CV has been condemned with a £2,000 fine by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

According to a regulatory settlement agreement published earlier today, Lee Hull’s CV had a number of misleading sections when he applied for a legal advisor role at law firm Clarkes Legal.

His CV implied he had a degree from the University of Leeds when he actually has one from Beckett (then Met). It also suggested that he attended Yale University when he only submitted a research paper which wasn’t published. Hull also claimed he had been “called to the bar”, the legal term for being a qualified barrister, but in fact had only completed a ‘bar vocational course’

The graduate also accepted a police caution in February 2016 for fraud by false representation as a result of his false CV.

Hull admitted he had used a false CV to obtain employment, failed to act with integrity and behave in a way that maintains the trust of the public. He also admitted to misleading the court and was in breach a number of  the authority’s key principles by creating and back-dating three letters and using them in an attempt to support a witness statement.

The overall outcome is that Lee Hull will no longer be employable as a solicitor or in connection with any practice. He was fined £2,000 but also has to pay £600 for the cost of the investigation.