EXCLUSIVE: Bakery 164 is putting on a night at Canal Mills

Your two favourite things sandwiched together

One of Leeds’ most cherished institutions – and the standard-bearer for tasty sandwiches – Bakery 164 is teaming up with Canal Mills to host its very own club night, Club Sandwich.

Having captured the hearts and minds of Leeds students with their delicious lunches, the sandwich connoisseurs are dipping their toes into uncharted territory and testing the loyalty of their fan-base by trying to break into a heavily saturated Leeds nightlife.

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Not only are Bakery 164 hosting the night, they will also have an outside stall providing their delicious sandwiches to hungry clubbers. An employee of Bakery 164 told The Tab, “We know how much the students of Leeds love our sandwiches, and we know how much they love clubbing so we thought why not combine the two things they love, amazing sandwiches and amazing music”.

The line up is due to be announced next Friday and will be revealed exclusively by The Tab. All that we can say is that we’ve been promised to expect some of the biggest and current names in the House, Grime and Drum and Bass scenes as well as up and coming local artists.

The night is being said to be for one night only, but if it’s successful another night could be held. Maybe even with another Leeds foodie favourite hosting, who wouldn’t want to party with Flames, Zulfi’s or Crispy’s.

One unnamed Leeds students told The Tab: “I bloody love Bakery 164 and I also love getting off my tits at Canal Mills, so this night just covers all the bases for me”.

Another Leeds student Hayley was more skeptical, “Don’t get me wrong, I love Bakery 164 as much as the next student… but the prospect of really intoxicated students holding boiling-hot toasted sandwiches concerns me”.

One Canal Mills enthusiast simply said: “Will there be a vegan option?”.

Check the date – Happy April Fools!

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