The LUU is holding a referendum

Sadly, it’s not about lowering Fruity’s drink prices

IndyRef? Brexit? Two of the biggest referendums of the past few years. Now LUU has been gripped by referendum fever and is holding one of its own. Brilliant.

But what is this crucial issue that campus will vote on?

The question to be asked is “Should Leeds University promote companies whose values align with international humanitarian law that has been ratified into British law, and limit the participation of those who don’t?”

Gripping stuff. Which essentially means that companies such as arms companies that break international law will not be allowed to have stalls at careers fairs. Although some are arguing this will limit the job prospects for graduates especially those studying STEM subjects.

Referendum Debate 24 March

The student panel couldn't agree on an idea so now it's time for campus to decide…#Referendum

Posted by Leeds University Union on Monday, March 20, 2017

The issue has gone to a referendum because at the latest Better University forum the panel of students couldn’t agree, so now everyone gets to be involved.

Voting opens tomorrow and closes on Friday, time will tell if it will result in the bitterness and division of previous referendums held in the UK.

Also expect banners, lecture intruders and people sliding into your DMs urging you to vote.

If you want to find out more, you can read the motions for and against here.