She played the fiddle in an Irish band but she fell in love with the clubbers of the week

Kissed her on the neck and then I took her by the hand, said “Baby, let’s go to Crispy’s”

It was the week of International Women’s Day, and women were out in full force. Scroll down and see if you managed to make the cut.

Stunners of the week

Runners up

Makeup of the week

Shrek would be proud

Binky Felstead lookalike

Seriously, tell me this girl doesn’t look like Binky Felstead with blonde hair

Fancy dress queen of the week

Fancy dress king of the week

Biggest VK fan ever

What is even happening in this picture?

Artsy shot of the week

Squad goals

Runners up

That girl in the back is loving life. You know which one I mean

Hungriest clubber of the week

Does someone wanna tell him that’s not a real doughnut?

Photobomb of the week

Biggest existential crisis of the week

Most unimpressed clubber

Seriously, can someone please get this guy a VK

Third wheel of the week

People feeling the music

Photos by: CWPhotographics, ItsJustJoeB Photography, Daniel Watson, PROJEKT pictures from the VOODOO Events Facebook page, CJG Photography, Mixtape Project and Donuts photos from the Taking Liberties Facebook page, 

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